Sunday, 22 May 2016


Salaries of the CEOs have gone out of control. Nobody's work is worth £3 or £4million a year.

Now the shareholders are trying to stop further ludicrous bonuses added on top of it which increases their income by up to 300 per cent.

HBSC bank had already a revolt when a £70million bonus was announced for the top executive. Let's face it £70million is just the bonus.

The shareholder lobby group are now digging in their heals and stating that fat cats bonuses should be more than halved. Even than it is wrong because the man is getting paid for his work so what excellent extra work does he do for to earn such a high bonus?

When it was announced that Bob Dudley, BP chief executive, would receive a package of £14million and £70million to Sir Martin Sorrell, head of advertising giant WPP. new anger broke lose.
Sharesoc was condemning the lucrative bonus system.

It is high time that people wake up to these fat cats receiving numeration which are out of control. Beside it is doubtful that they would pay the correct taxes to plough some money of it back into the country.

The tax haven islands must be sinking soon so loaded they are with legally but wrong money. If those sky-high salaries and bonuses are stopped prices would come down, people would not have to starve, demand for goods would increase and so would manufacturing. Even factories are slowing down because the demand for goods dropped and laying off workers.

Apart from the Victorian Age there was never such a wide gulf between the public and so called upper class.

The bonus system must have been introduced by the fat cats themselves to give it a name for creaming tens of millions of pounds. Money which is off the back of taxpayers and goes out of the country.

Source Daily Mirror

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