Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Update 5 Feb., 2018 -- Ester McVey has now replaced David Gauke. It is the fifth time since 2016. McVey is a controversial figure. She voted for all the cuts that had been made. A demand has been made for her resignation.  

Update 4 Oct., 2017 -- Damien Green was replaced by David Gauke in June. MPs asked for a delay of the new Universal Credit which suppose to include all benefit payments and payable every two weeks or one monthly. Mr Gauke ignored the plea and will roll it out within one month or two.

The new Universal Credit bound to be for the advantage of the Government and include more benefit cuts. 

Update 11 April, 2017 -- PM May cold bloodedly let the proposed cuts on Personal Independence Payment go ahead which hurt the most vulnerable disabled people. 900 care workers leave their job every day but surely PM May and DWP couldn't care less otherwise she would not have agreed to it.

Cuts to child care, housing benefit and disabled people from £102 per week to £73 came into effect from 1 April, 2017. Its a £30 pw cut which will have a devastating effect on already worst off people. Do not forget they will also have to pay spare Bedroom Tax. There will be an endless stream of death from starvation, homelessness and suicide.

Updated 7 Oct., 2016 -- The Department of Work and Pensions Secretary is now Damien Green.

UPDATE: 19 July, 2016 --
Piti Patel is now the new DWP Minister but will report back to Ian Duncan Smith who is the DWP Secretary.

By all previous accounts the two could not be better match and is worse for the poor and disabled. Both were in several scandal of claiming money -  taxpayers' money.

Is it another dirty trick that thousands of disabled people are being blocked to get through to the benefit line.

The Tories are really excelling themselves in efficiency and perfectly run departments. Wherever they can cut and causing a mess to already under hardship people they do it.

Callers can not sign up for the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) 18,949 times due to "heavy demands" from January till April which equals 4,700 a month.

It cuts out 1.7 per cent of all calls to the Department of Work and Pension (DWP). Furthermore the PIP line charges 45p a minute. Has any of the high-earners of Government thought about it and realised what it means for a hard-up disabled person to pay 45p a minute? They just have not a clue because all their expenses are paid by the taxpayers on top of it.

These two points above alone are sickeing but typical Tories. They will not cut the over 50 chief executives of the NHS earning £500,000 each plus bonuses but cut and squeeze every penny out of people. Yet, at the same time, swinging great speeches about their concern with the hard-working people.

The free PIP claim line only 0.04 per cent got through. What clever ideas all round.

Another scandal Ian Duncan Smith charge 45p to talk about benefits. ISD hopped about when Chancellor George Osborne announced the £12billion Welfare cut and resigned when Osborne done a U-turn with the pension. He is that kind of character.

Only very recently the Independence Living Allowances had been change to PIP and as always the result is a mess withholding payments which are urgently needed. As they say "there is always a method in the madness" and the changeover must be beneficial to the Government.

Statics show that Tories' cuts to help disabled people have increased to over £24billion since 2010 and Cameron can be proud of the achievement as well as of the cost of 2,300 peoples' lives by either suicide or starvation. It will be worse when the new £12billion Welfare cut come into effect.

What a record for a Prime Minister who supposed to be there for the benefit of the people.

This year, with the new £12billion Welfare cuts on top of already hardship comes into effect it is estimated that half a million people loose a further £1,500 a year in support. What do these fat cats think people live on? There are over one million people fed by foodbanks to keep them alive and in a seventh richest country.

It is pointless to write down the DWP spokesman statement which was such a load of rubbish and offensive to the disabled people.

Yet, the Prime Minister paid out £700million to Serco and G4S when both delivered rotten services.

He also was determined to enter the bombing of Syria which brought nothing but enemies and each mission costs £500million.

He grants MPs, every year, another rise of 10 per cent who have all the expenses paid for by the taxpayers.

Now 26 MPs are under police investigation accused of fiddling 2015 Election Expenses.

The Government is nothing but a disgrace to the country and its people

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