Thursday, 2 June 2016


A man who would not pay for his private language lesson to be able to speak to his wife's family. He added to his expense, in other words taxpayers paid for it.

Jeremy Hunt - Health Secretary - plans to cut £170million funding for community pharmacies which will effect 12,000 chemists.

It will not only hurt the elderly who rely most on the local chemist but another big loss of jobs.

According to records one million using those chemists a year which also results in a turnover of merchandise.

It will put more pressure on
GPs because people use pharmaceuticals for advice which only recently people had been told to use the chemists more to reduce GPs' appointments. It would have an effect on A+E because  people will be seen to immediately while doctors' appointment take a few weeks.

Holzhausen, director of policy at Carers UK said: "Pharmacies play a valuable role in supporting carers; providing advice and information that helps them to look after the elderly, disabled and their own health too, linking them up with support in the community.

"Pharmacies are more accessible than
GPs and can offer a range of helpful service like home deliveries and free flu vaccinations."

Department of Health spokeswoman said: " We need a modern and efficient pharmacy service and we believe this can be done without reducing quality or access.

"We have proposed a funding scheme that will help the community pharmacies that people depend on most to thrive, while we make the savings that are needed."

This is a lot of white-wash again. Whatever reform the Tories tried to do went into a total mess and has not been sorted out yet. Furthermore, any proposal funding will be cut in the next round. Tories cannot hoodwink the people anymore.

There is also the valuable point that over one million customers pay well for the upkeep with a high amount of merchandise turnover. The special trained people will be unemployed and claim unemployed benefit. So where is the great saving?

It will be another brainstorm of the Tories which ends up in a mess like the reform of the Department of Work and Pensions into Universal Credit which supposed fully functional since 2014.

It costs so far £500million for the computer which is still not working properly and only used for a  very low percentage of work. For extra staff a £1.3million a year and to round it off a £44million bonuses for the mess. Not to forget over 2,300 lives from suicide or starvation because their  benefits were withdrawn.

Atos, a French company, received £1million for their assessments which left 700,000 applicants behind when they dropped out. An assessment which was already done by doctors and specialists.

Not to have
learned their lesson they engaged Maximus, payment unknown, which told people with incurable illnesses they get better when they go to work and signed them off.  Finding work which is not available for 1,9million healthy people - officially - and 1,9million put on Zero-hours-contract to reduce the unemployment figure.

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