Friday, 20 May 2016


At an audience of business men Lord Howard a long standing and dedicated Tory politician tells they are wrong in backing BREMAIN..

By now the press is so full of every politician talking about Bremain or Brexit that slowly the public is getting fed-up of it and confused but this speech is worthwhile to write and read. The CBI is a very powerful organisation of top businesses.

Lord Howard points out that these important business men are wrong in backing BREMAIN and influencing their employees.


Since being in the EU it prevents to have trade agreements with India, China, Brazil. Even Australia and New Zealand which is ridiculous being part of the Commonwealth.

To get the agreement to trade with only one of them it would take 27 EU members to agree which makes it obvious an impossibility. It shows how tight-fisted Brussels rules are and not a democracy.
While tied to Brussels British businesses are choked with red tapes and quite a number of it are ridiculous.

Therefore, Lord Howard points out, it would be far better to cut the ties with the EU and being free to chose their own trade partners as well as on their own terms.

In view of Lord Howard's revelation it shows another misleading propaganda from Mr Cameron. Do campaign by all means but to tell wrong information is unacceptable.

By now Mr Cameron woven so many webs of lies that he is slowly getting entangled in it and it is coming down on him. He also insists on the beloved NHS being safe when voting BREMAIN but even Brussels admits that there will be no NHS when the vote is "YES".

Brussels also holding back their budget surely for their own good reason and promised a tsunami of new rules. Why Mr Cameron does not face up to a complete distraction of the UK and still insists the EU membership is a good deal? It is hard to understand or accept.

Even after the Queen's speech the Tories' MPs demanded an amendment to the TTIP to keep the NHS out which they got. It is unheard of for the Queen's speech to be rectified especially so soon after. Mr Cameron agreed but whether it will stand-up in Brussels is another question. It is doubtful after Brussels already promised the NHS will be dismantled.

Source Daily Express 

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