Friday, 20 May 2016


NHS chiefs do not cook the books to swipe off money but to bring the NHS deficit down but would not need if Mr Cameron kept his word and invested £8billion as promised.

NHS was established in 1948 by Labour Leader Clement Atlee and is now destroyed by the Conservative Government. They have no right to tough it because it belongs to the people being paid through the National Insurance.


Hospitals show a deficit of £2.45billion for the year 2014/15.

Experts suspecting that the real figure is much higher and could be £2.8billion or even £3billion. 

The whistle-blower stated further that millions of pounds are being put through as income.

Pelham Allan, former finance chief at University College London Hospital said: "It's all thanks to some frankly quite heroic accounting to find everything possible in the buckets and pocket that number down to a politically acceptable level."

The final report by NHS Improvement points out the extra cost of £1.4billion for agency staff and around £145milion costs for "bed-blocking".

Again it shows up the Government irresponsibility not having put the promised £8billion into the NHS.

They not only ignore the fact of a great deficit but find the NHS an extra £498million financial penalty for not being able to meet the £316million worth of efficiency saving. They are despicable.

What kind of politics are they allowed to run?

This is not a call for a revolution but surely even a Government has its limit and to live up to their responsibility. If not the MPs are voted in to make sure they do.

Ever since 2010 the NHS is run down, sold off to contractor which have no other interest but pumping out money as much as possible.

The very idiotic idea of sacking 5,000 nurses and doctors with the excuse to save money and then employ agency staff is nothing but putting money into Mr Cameron's friends' pocket.

50 chief executives earning over £500,000 plus bonuses which adds to the expenses and is questionable if they are necessary. Mr Cameron took out £1million for his flagship experiment "Better Care" which sunk.

It is not only the NHS situation but number of other services have been cut down not to mention the Welfare cuts which have gone to far.

The Government forgets that they were voted in by the people and financed by the taxpayers they should be responsible to look after the people's interests. Ever since the Tory were elected they done everything else but that.

Therefore they should be accountable for their action and not do as they like and get away with it. Even so they are the majority but they still have a responsibility to the public.

Mr Cameron seems to be only there for himself and his friends while he screws the general public into the ground. He had his games for far too long and should be stopped.

His politics brings the country down to highest deficit for 67 years and added more debts of £115billion during 2014/15 despite austerity, cut back and privatisation.

So where does the money really go.

Source Daily Mirror

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