Saturday, 22 October 2016


George Osborne not asking but demands to be back in the Cabinet by July, 2017 and it would be no surprise - He will!!
Apparently, he plans were not met and he got sacked. He straight away got a job as Editor at the Evening Standard.

Despite of being the worst Chancellor his previously announced budget of £12billion Welfare cuts, £16billion Council cuts had still been installed by new PM May. It has an devastating effect on already struggling, starving and homeless people.

Now May also rolls out Universal Credit as well whereby people losing tens or hundreds of pounds a week by being all the benefits rolled into one payment and paid monthly which harder to cope with then weekly payments.  

Update 21 April, 2017 --
Scene has changed already, again, George Osborne resign from Parliament and Theresa May has called a Snap Election, surprise. The reason will never be known. My guess is that she found Brexit too hard to handle especially since most or all the others EU members are not agreeing with her demands. Maybe the Government also has no plans, as it was mentioned, and they get now unstuck and she is trying to take Brexit out of the limelight to gain time to work out a plan.

Whatever goes on behind closed door and Georg Osborne now classed as the worst Chancellor. May did not have to introduce his idea of a £12bn Welfare Cut and kick the already down people further into the ground.

Update 7 April, 2017 --
Rumours spring up that MP May should change her Cabinet. Next came the suggestion it should be done or she already might be thinking to do it around June or July, 2017. Isn't it all coming together when Georgi  stamps his feet and screams that he wants to be back in the Cabinet. Is little Georgi having hard times and needs to earn more? 

Update 23 Nov., 2016 --
The new Chancellor is Tory Philip Hammond but will he do any better? By right he should stop austerity immediately.

At the moment he is holding big speeches of financial advice in America for a fee of £100,000 each time. Is he advising how to cut the poor and disabled even more to make the rich richer? He had done a great job in the UK and caused at least 2,500 suicides and 40,000 death due to hyperthermia in the last winter.

Callous George Osborne went  to Manchester, held a speech and dared to look at those people in the face. Any one with the least moral would not dare.

George Osborne dared because he does not want to loose his seat in Cheshire. His constituency, most probably, will be axed in the new borders realignment. Now he hopes he can win one of the other seats in Cheshire.

He was whining about how he did not see the mistakes he made.  Furthermore, now as a backbenchers he sees it all. What a twister!

Does Osborne really think he can convince these people to whom he caused the most damage in their lives? He should know and realise that people of the Midlands and North are of a complete different mentality  and have principles and morals.

After Osborne, his partner in crime Cameron and Tories done the most damage to them.
Austerity which was not necessary in a country being the Seventh and now sixth richest in the world. People were brought down to rely on food bank. How would he feel?

It would not cross his mind when he ordered a beefburgers, miles away, costing £12 and brought by taxi on his Budget Day where he announced more cut-backs.

The last crisis about British Steel Osborne and Cameron would not lift a finger to nationalise it to save thousands of jobs. No he sat calmly back and let it go. Steel is always the backbone of any country.

Germany, France and Italy nationalised their steel and now the EU is determined to put a 75 percent tariff on import of Chinese Steel but the Tories opposed it.  EU complained that UK is holding the vote up but PM May did not relentless.

Osborne was also the cause to get the country credit rate devalued in 2013.

He increased the national debt by over £600billion and had the highest deficit for 67 years. But as he had the nerve to state, in Manchester, he did not see his mistakes.

Who is Osborne trying to kid? People are all plebs to the Tories but they are not stupid and kept their pride, dignity, morals and principles in spite of their  very hardship.

Words which do not exist in Tories' dictionary.

George Osborne also gives speeches in the US on financial advice, of course with heavy fees, and announces himself as retired Chancellor even so he was sacked.

George Osborne was the worst Chancellor and not only caused great hardship to disabled, families and children but also suicide. Does he ever think about that?

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