Saturday, 5 November 2016


Update 24 Jan., 2017 -- The Court decided that Parliament has to vote on it but PM May said that they had the Brexit papers already prepared just in case. Therefore it will not be delayed and Article 50 will be triggered on 1 April. The majority of Conservative MPs will vote on it and so will Labour. Some of the smaller parties said they will vote against and delay it but it will not have any impact. Then it goes up to the House of Lords and they want some amendments but they too promise not to delay it.

Update 19 Jan., 2017 --
The High Court of Justice will announced, next Tuesday 24 Jan., 2017, whether the Government's Brexit will be stopped or not or MPs will vote on it. PM May stated that she can evoke Article 50 any way. Labour Party already announced that it will not vote against Government Brexit. 

UPDATE:  PM May put an appeal in and the next hearing is on 5 December, 2016. It is the Remain campaigners which cause the trouble and it is a further hold-up and more money wasted. They are hoping to change public's mind to remain in EU.

The aftermath of the High Court of Justice's decision on Brexit has only began.  The High Court decided that MPs should have a vote on it.

However, it is doubtful the campaigners, who took it to the High Court, did not think the implication fully through . No doubt they must have realised it will have an impact but now the Pound has increased and the FTSE is falling.

Before the referendum vote the Pound was $1.5 and the FTSE 5,500 and minus daily.

After the majority of people voted for Brexit the Pound was falling which was good for export and the FTSE was increasing to over 7000.

Although the continuing falling Pound started to worry the City but surely it would have levelled out soon.

The increase of the FTSE started to improve the economy and would have encourage manufacturing which meant more jobs.

In view of that these campaigners who took it to the High Court did not the UK a great favour.

Although PM May tries to calm the explosive situation the  danger is that MPs would vote for Bremain since there was already a drum beating for changing people's mind after the referendum.

If that would be the case, it not only goes against the people's will but also the EU, as promised, will send a tsunami of new restrictive rules.

The £19billion a year membership and a number of other demanded extras will continue. Money which could bring the highest deficit since 67 years down and also benefit the NHS and Welfare.

For whatever reasons these campaigners took it to the High Court ; it unsettled the UK again and is not encouraging foreign investors.

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