Saturday, 5 November 2016


Boris Johnson is PM since July 2019. Despite the hard work of the Union put in all these years British Steel is now being sold to China. China is the main reason for getting British Steel into trouble because of their tariffs. EU wanted to put higher tariffs on Chinese Steel Imports but Cameron PM at that time refused and stopped EU. Now BS gets sold to China. That's CONservative Politic because its more profitable for their own pocket.

If Cameron, May and Johnson would ha Nationalised it like Germany, France and Italy it not have got into financial difficulties but the CEOs would not have earned £m nor shareholders.  

Update 14 Dec., 2016 -- Whatever your opinion may be about the Union but it was the Union who managed to save the British Steel industry and with it 6.000 jobs. Whereas ex-PM David Cameron and new PM May did, put it commonly, "bugger all". If the Union managed to achieve an agreement they could have if they wanted to but the deal with China must have been more lucrative to them. A sell-out of the highest order by the Tories and a great "Thank you" to the Union.

Cameron even refused to sign the EU proposal of a high import tax for Chinese Steel. That's how much he cared. Even the EU is still reeling about it because they cannot implement it unless all 28 members agree. They now sidestepping the UK and put it up without the UK.

Everybody knows the steel and car industry is the backbone of the economy yet the Tories calmly sell out British Steel by buying steel from other countries. There must be a real reason behind it for them to do it. Guess!

Ministers are not answering whether British Steel will be used to build the Royal Navy's new Type 26 frigates. Our guess is as good as any.

Labour MP Stephen Doughty said: "The Tories are still failing to deliver on commitments to use British made steel in key defence proposals.

"It is vital the new frigates use high quality British steel. To do otherwise would betray our national interest, our steelworkers and an industry facing huge challenges."

When Sir Michael Fallon, Defence Secretary, pressed the button to cut the first steel for the Dreadnought class Trident subs it was imported from France. It was also revealed that French steel will be used for the hulls.

French Steel works were also in trouble because of the low priced Chinese steel import. They nationalised their steel works and therefore UK Government pays French Government for their steel.

General Secretary of the Community steel-workers' union Roy Rickhuss said: "It is vital the Government gets the procurement of steel for the frigates right.

"Ensuring UK steel is used in major projects would show we've finally got  a strategy to Save Our Steel."

It is no big guess where the steel will come from since the first steel came from France.

British Steel would not have a crisis if the Government would use it instead of foreign steel.

Around 4,000 tonnes of South Korean steel would be used for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary refuelling tankers.

Of the 82,000 tonnes of steel bought for the two giant Queen Elizaberh aircraft carriers; 4,500 tonnes has come from Turkey and 500 tonnes from Spain. Was the rest British Steel?

The contract PM May signed with China to built two nuclear Power Station, which nobody wants, 80,000 tonnes of steel are going to be  used. The French company EDF which is again French Government will build it.

Another massive steel production and jobs loss thanks to theTories.

Yet PM May claims the Tories are not the nasty party and they are all for the people's welfare. Well, we saw it the last six years and so far no change visible. As the saying goes "Deeds speak louder than words".

It turns your brain to think a Prime Minister can stand there and give such a statement while only a few weeks she signed contracts selling out British Steel and does not give a damn about the steel workers  losing their jobs.

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