Tuesday, 8 November 2016


My Opinion:  It had now been over 10 years since the Historical Child Abuse was taken seriously especially in cases of Westminster's VIPs. It was dragged on and out ever since. A number of the accused have died already.

To me it smells of a huge cover-up and keeping the lid down till they all died. None of them care about the feeling of the victims that their lives  had been destroyed.

This is  an amazing bombshell after all those years in the VIP Historical Child Abuse case.

What a faithful servant !!!!

A retired judge Sir Richard Henriques discovered, all of a sudden, errors had been made by the Met Police in the investigation of paedophiles crimes in Westminster. For decades rumours from inside people circulated that there is a paedophile ring.

It had not been stated whether  all VIP had been wrongly accused. The last time a number was revealed it would about of 70 people were accused. So far Lord Bramal, Lord Brittan and ex MP Mr Proctor were wrongly accused according to the investigation by Sir Richard.

It is a bit hard to belief that all those were made erroneously. After all Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police must have been aware that pointing a finger at any VIP is like toughing hot iron.

There was one case, a Labour MP, whose case was heading for the courts but all the time it was emphasised that he is an innocent man. By that time he was already very ill and so it was held off of any further procedures. He died soon and then it was revealed that he was guilty of many paedophile crimes.

Through the last decade, since the law changed and victims were believed, numerous high profiled people were investigated after committing the crime 20 or 30 years ago. They received a prison sentence but not one VIP from Westminster was brought to justice.

A group of victims, from the Midlands, managed to get an appointment with Theresa May, Home Secretary at that time, to see them. When they arrived they waited for about two hours then they were told that Mrs May had to fly to Brussels unexpectedly. It was revealed, later on, that she had no meetings or appointments there.

Theresa May as a Home Secretary chaired three people in the last two years in an investigation of Historical Child Abuse but none stayed long and resigned soon. Each earning a great deal of Taxpayers' money. Although forced into starting an investigation by demand from the public and MPs she did not seem to be eager to get a conclusion.

Now, the pressure mounted, since she is a Prime Minister, to find the guilty ones before they all die; out of the blue comes Sir Richard's bombshell.

It makes you wonder whether he was brought in to finally close the lid once and for all.

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