Wednesday, 9 November 2016

TORIES SELL SELL SELL Update 28 June, 2017

Update 28 June, 2017 --
NHS is systematically demolished and already labelled to be closed to be sold. Schools go the same way. The Tory trying to convince the public they care.

They are only out for themselves and their profit. Public is waking up to it that it is them who have the power really and backing Labour more and more. 

Looking back on recent history and there is a shocking list of British and traditional companies they sold.

One of the biggest was the Royal Mail sold by the infamous ex-Prime Minister David Cameron. It was an over 500 old institution and started by Henry VIII.

In the last six years, since the Tories are in power, the
NHS is being hacked to pieces. Either by constant withdrawal of monies for various new schemes which never worked but are only there to loose the money somewhere. The other method is to sign up endless contractors who just reduce the staff and get out of it the most profit for shareholders.

If the Labour party does not come in soon the NHS will vanish.

The London Stock Exchange, again a very old establishment, will be joined with the
Deutsche Stock Exchange and never be the same.

British Steel was sold down the river by David Cameron, George Osborne and now Theresa May.

They all signed contracts with China to build two nuclear power stations with Chinese steel. The new nuclear fleet will be build with steel from China.

EU wanted to bring in higher import tariffs for Chinese Steel but David Cameron refused to sign. New PM May also refused and the EU will go ahead without the UK and introduce the new tariffs.
PM May signed a contract with China to remove Rover MG to China. Great job losses at a time of great unemployment plus another loss to the British Steel Industry. British Steel had a great reputation across the world for its quality.

The latest sell out was the Baltic Exchange to Singapore yesterday. The Baltic Exchange is a world wide centre for maritime trade and a market for shipping contracts. The 272 year old exchange was sold for £87million. It will remain in its headquarter in the Gherkin, London.

These were just a few of many more Tory's sell, sell, sell drive. Yet, at the same time,  during the Tory's reign in the last six years, they managed to achieve the highest deficit for 67 years.

 Introduced austerity and endless Welfare cuts bringing the general public down to rely on food banks and creating the highest number of millionaires and billionaires. Adding another £700 billion to the National Debts. The UK was also reduced down  to six richest country.

All these above mentioned points makes us plebs ask what happened to the huge sums of money from the sold companies? Surely, if properly handled it should have some impact on the deficit and National debts.

It is not to be said the Labour Party is perfect but history shows that they brought twice the National debt down which had been accrued by the previous Tory Governments and without bringing the whole nation down to poverty.

Harold Wilson paid off the debts from the second World War.

ex-PM Clement Attlee introduce the Welfare System including the National Health Service.

By the time Tony Blair became Prime Minister the country was so run into the ground by Margaret Thatcher it felt like doomed. With all her cuts it ended with five million unemployed although she also covered it up by various schemes.  The streets were littered, parks neglected and council houses dilapidated.

Whatever he done by entering into Afghanistan and Iraq wars, which was totally wrong and should be held accountable for,  but his beginning was magnificent. In no time streets were swept, parks cleaned up and refurbished , council houses repaired with new roofs, windows and painted. A great number of schools, which were more than in a sorry state, were pulled down and newly build.

It is hard to understand why the Tory Party always has to bring the country down with cuts, sell to contractors or various age old
institutions sell to overseas and still increase the National debts?

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