Thursday, 17 November 2016

LABOUR VS CONSERVATIVES Updated 10 April, 2017

It is still the same old story of Conservatives vs Labour  Of course it would be as a matter fact in politics but it is not on when crimes, drugs and paedophiles are involved.

At the moment the front pages of the press is full of police investigate Labour MP Keith Vaz. He is accused of having prostitutes at his flat in London and now even gets investigate for drugs.

Update 10 April, 2017 - After a long investigation it is revealed that he is not guilty. So, what is really going on? After the man's career is in shutters and it will never cleared completely. He used to do a very good job to put wrong to rights and uncover lies and fiddles. Maybe too good and that was the reason for the allegation to bring him down.

No report on the front page of the press of his innocent this time but is the Tory controlled press nowadays!!!!

Yes, by all means, if he committed these crimes have the police make a full investigation and let him pay for it.  At the same time it has to be said that he was very good in his work and it is a real shame.

There was no police investigation when a Lord was snorting cocaine from a prostitute's stomach, nor expulsion from the Lords.

The fact is now, there has been a great number of MPs and Lords who have criminal records as far as even had prison sentences but they are still in their position, especially in the House of Lords.
Most of them are from the Tory Party.

This is completely wrong and contemptible.

The same situation we find is with the paedophile ring. Not only was it known for decades but the police now accused 78 people in Westminster.

The accusation are as far back as to the Thatcher Government when a file was handed to Mr Brittan and it vanished. It should never happened unless there was an important reason to cover up because it contained too many important names.

My point I am making now is that none of those MPs and Lords were ever mentioned by name but Labour Lord Janner. Although at the time of revealing his name he was very ill and his accusation were denied as well a prosecution was postponed.

When he died it was all of sudden known that there were 22 cases against him.

The worst of them all was Jimmy Saville. His great number of crimes were a widespread knowledge but he was a great friend of Margaret Thatcher which adds a great discredit to her character.

In my opinion, he must have known something with which he kept them all under pressure and does all the rest of the guilty ones.

Now, a retired judge was looking at the files and although he did not look through all of the files but reckoned that there are 'Errors' on the three he had seen. The inquiry is full of problems by already three of the chairs resigned and now two of barristers which all helps to drag it out. Is it to plan to drag it out till all the accused are dead?

The celebrities were soon investigated and convicted and imprisoned. Why has none of Westminster been in court? It is still a cover-up till they die and then we get told how many crimes they committed like in cases of Saville, Smith and Janner.

Nobody of those in power care about the victims. Their lives were destroyed. Some even committed suicide. Doesn't it matter to those who are in the power able to see justice done?

It would be a different matter if it was one of their daughters, wouldn't it?

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