Sunday, 27 November 2016


Do PM May and her Tories really think we belief she is pressured into cutting free TV licence for over 75 Old Age Pensioners (OAP)? What a twister!!!

It was already mentioned when the worst Chancellor George Osborne and his great friend David Cameron were in power. It was also said they will cancel the free bus pass for pensioners. Most probably PM May will be pressured into it next. 

This whole Government stinks, to deprive old age pensioners the last few privileges they have. Most or many are housebound or have not got the money since the Welfare cuts and it is their only entertainment or amusement they have. A generation who fought and sacrifices everything to save this country to be treated like that while those
fatcats in the Government get their TV licence free anyway because the very taxpayers foot the bill of their expenses.

It stinks to high heaven the way they treat the people.

We read how ruthless Margaret Thatcher was by revelation of the released files; but she is still reigning on make no mistake.

Not only did she purposely set up the Falkland war by recalling the HMS Endurance which was guarding the Falklands just to win a war and her next election. She did not bat an eyelid that it cost over 800
Argentinians  and British soldiers lives plus many were maimed for live.

There she stood, in front of 10 Downing Street, looking and feeling victoriously. Not a thought given to the families who lost a loved one.

Now we learnt about the secret and ruthless plans of Margaret Thatcher to dismantle the
NHS and the Welfare State. There was an uproar and she shelved but never forgot it. No wonder her glory  boy David Cameron worked hard on it to fulfil her dreams. Now it is PM May turn to finalise it and she will if she is not voted out soon.

If all these evidences are not an eye opener of what the Tories really are, nothing will.

They are a scandal beyond any human understanding.

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