Monday, 12 December 2016


At a time when the NHS is almost run into the ground and everyone is aware of it, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt gave a speech in which he dares to say blatant lies: "Tax-funded NHS is the single thing that makes us most proud to be British."

The NHS is funded by, now-a-days very high, National Insurance which comes on top of the tax.

Jeremy Hunt and his Tories ex-PM David Cameron and ex-Chancellor George Osborne are the main operators to bring the NHS down. The new PM May seems to do the same.

They made it clear that they want to demolish the NHS to introduce the private insurance system of the USA which would give them and their shareholders' friends a massive increase in shares and dividends.

Jeremy Hunt added his plan is

1) expanding access
2) record number of doctors and nurses
3) set up an independent inspection regime
4) investing in new technology.

It sounds very well and impressive but reading between the lines and looking at the recent history of NHS it soon looks a Smoke and Mirror.

In view of 1) Jeremy Hunt keeps closing Ambulance & Emergency department to such an extent that ambulances have to drive further afield for miles to seek an A&E Department which could take their patients. Even whole hospitals are already or earmarked to be closed. It is in total contradiction to his statement.

The crisis has now escalated to an extent where ambulances, some time up to 10 or 15, queuing up at the A&E depts because there are no beds available to book their patients in. Their patients are an emergency. During that time, while they are waiting, an emergency 999 caller can not get an ambulance. It had been known people have to wait an hour or two or even longer for an ambulance to arrive which can be fatal.

What is Jeremy Hunt talking about? Whom is he kidding? Himself -  because the public are fully aware of the terrible situation. He surely is fully aware of it but is so callous to put up a smoke screen and white wash the whole situation for his own sake as well as the Tory Party.

Regarding number 2) is again nothing  but a contradiction  because ex-PM Cameron axed 5,000 nurses and doctors paying an outside Consultancy £5million to decide whose is going to be sacked. Then, bright sparks Tories, employed agency staff to fill the jobs which costs three times as much. All in all it was just another way to bleed the NHS dry.

Oh they are clever boys trying to kid the public!!!!

The promised set up of an independent inspection regime, mentioned in 3), is again an extra costs coming out of the NHS pocket and going into pockets of Tory's friends. No way are they an independent inspection regime being chosen by Jeremy Hunt or the Government.

As for 4) it is admirable that he wants to spend on new technology but experience shows that top quality equipment are exclusive for private patients.

In my opinion and surely many people see it the same way that Jeremy Hunt is nothing but a glove puppet first to David Cameron and now to the new PM May.

Every one is aware now unless there is a complete change in Government the NHS and also the Welfare State is being demolished. Jeremy Hunt can safe his blindfold.

It must be part of the Tory's bible because recent released paper showed that Margaret Thatcher was planning to demolish the NHS and the Welfare State but her Cabinet almost had a riot and she scrabbed the plan but apparently just shelved it. The real reason is that Labour introduced the Welfare State which is a thorn in the Tory's side.

Jeremy Hunt also 'promised' a £10million a year fund for the NHS to bring it back to a high standard. The problem is that David Cameron in his General Election campaigns in 2015 already 'promised' a £8million a year which was obviously not held like all his other promise.

Why was the £10million for the NHS not mentioned in the Autumn Budget? The answer is obvious.

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