Monday, 12 December 2016

TORIES ETERNAL SHAME Update 23 Nov., 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond's last budget. 
Update 23 Nov., 2017 - 
Todays Budget a drop into NHS none for schools, social care, social housing, pensioners, disabled people and their carers.
Another useless Budget!!!

Tories eternal shame, doubt they know the word "Shame".

Worse is still to come after £12billion Welfare cuts PM May allowed to start on 1 April, 2017

A Budget which brings down 3.8 million working people even further into poverty and more have to rely on Food Banks.

UK is the seventh richest country in the world.

The cost of HS2 has now risen to £90billion. Its purely for the fatcats because the tickets will be sky-high like in Japan's luxury train.

More suicides and death of starvations but again the Government will ignore it and deny it.

This statistic was quoted by Josef Rowntree Foundation.

These are not PM May's "
Just About Managing" people but families already not managing at all through no fault of their own. Where is the Government's constantly forever heralding support to hard-working people?

Another false promise.

Ex-PM David Cameron certainly left a fine legacy and PM May is no better. Margaret Thatcher must be proud of them and jumping in her grave.

To emphasise the people's blight newspaper Mirror held a pop-up Food Bank together with UNITE the Union and
Trussell Trust outside the House of Common. Many Labour MPs came, including Jeremy Corbyn, giving food, money and support but no sign of the arrogant Tories.

Apparently they walked on the other side of the road - no surprise.

A 55 year old gran working as a palliative care worker on a Zero-Hour-contract had a chest infection and was for three weeks sick, She did not get any money and had to rely on Food Banks. She received food and little presents for her grandchildren. They also wanted to give her Christmas Crackers but she told them to give it to others because she is working and will have to miss Christmas dinner.

In spite of all the help it still left her with no money to pay the rent and heating but this is the scheme of Zero-Hour-Contract introduced by the Tory Government. No problem to them because they get not cut of they can't work and all the extra expenses for Christmas will be paid by the hard-up taxpayers as well as heating.

Already in 2013 a campaign was held to point out that 50,000 people in the UK will go hungry on Christmas. including 20,000 children.

It has now risen to a total of 3.8 million workers going to work on an empty stomach to save one meal. Children  going to school without  breakfast and have not got the energy to learn.

Many time reports were in the papers that teachers buy breakfast for the children. Church leaders, which was never seen  before, wrote to David Cameron PM at that time, pointing out the terrible situation but it was to avail.

Trussell Trust alone helps 130,000 people and it is only one of many charities which cares.

Is it not done purposely because David Cameron was always talking about getting more volunteers to create a "Big Society"? He certainly created hundreds more volunteers and at the same time his "Big Society" of super rich Elites which was really his plan in the first place.

Ex-PM David Cameron, ex-Chancellor George Osborne and ex-Welfare Secretary Ian Duncan Smith done their full job to push people into poverty, as far as possible, although they never admitted it. At the same time there was the highest rise of
multi-millionaires and billionaires. It speaks volumes in every way.

It has been known, so far, 2,300 people committed suicide and 40,000 people died of hypothermia last winter although it was a mild one in comparison. They could not afford the heating any more because the energy giants increased the tariffs, for the last three winters, by 10
pc each winter. It was purely for greed and profit because the crude oil almost half the price. David Cameron did nothing to stop them because he and his friends' share would be dropping their dividend.

PM May is none the better. The Autumn budget did not mention
NHS or Welfare but a reduction on Corporation Taxes. 

In other words there will no improvement for working class people till the next Autumn budget, if there ever will be any.

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