Friday, 23 December 2016


Result from spending £7,9m plus is a load of rubbish and destroys the country and people    NO AUSTERITY THERE

No cuts or shortage here as in the NHS!
No crisis as in the NHS!
No planned cuts as more cuts in the NHS!
Where is the "Equal Society"?
Whom are you kidding?
May also created such a big Cabinet they almost have to sit on each other lap. Not to mention a Cabinet Minister earns more than just as a MP. Another increase of expenditure and cost to taxpayers. 

National data revealed that the government advisers are paid £7,9million. It is not clear whether they can claim additional expenses being paid by the government or taxpayers.

Six advisers receive a £100,000 each a year.

In PM May team's are 32 advisers and it is the same number who worked for ex-PM Cameron but she has reduced the numbers overall across the Government.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has five advisers.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has three.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson  has three.

For the reduction the severance payment was £1,7million and counted for the time between April 2015 till 13 July 2016 when Theresa May took over.

Special advisers called "spads" are paid by government department and employed to give advise over and above the work carried out by Whitehall's 420,000 civil servants.

Flamboyant Dave Cameron increased the number of special advisers drastically from Tony Blair who was known to govern in luxury. At the same time ex-PM Cameron introduced Austerity, Spare Bedroom Tax and 20 per cent VAT, even on food, bringing the people down to starvation and homelessness.

Both Prime Ministers always claim they care for "hard working" people which stands in contrast to their deeds.

It is not only a Scandal but a Crime for the government to treat people like that being the sixth richest country in the world.

By now it is so bad that even hard working people can not cope any more and go to work without breakfast. Teachers buy food for children who had no breakfast. It had been known for years. Headlines in newspaper and top church leaders protested but the Tory Government takes no notice and tries to convince the public they care for hard working people.

 What a con!!!!!

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