Monday, 26 December 2016



More cuts are planned for the NHS which would lead to longer queues for treatment. At the moment the waiting list is 18 weeks or longer and according to data it has increased by 40 per cent in a year.

October 2015 it shows a 293, 904 people were on the waiting list after being referred to a hospital for treatment. The rapid increase shows in this October, 2016 with a 360,266 people on the waiting list for 18 weeks.

 In October, 2014 it was a 169,907 people.

Only these few figures show and prove the decline of the NHS service and it is done purposely. By now nobody can tell the public otherwise.

It also shows the false promises and lies which were given at General Elections and ever since for improvement of waiting lists

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt vowed to tackle the high number of 12-months waiting in 2014 but experts said the crisis is the worst in living memories.

The public is fully aware of it and it is high time Jeremy Hunt, PM May and Chancellor Philip Hammond stop blind-folding them. They only lose the trust of the public even more.

In one week alone, ending December 18, the Ambulance and Emergency departments (A&E) had to deal with 374,268 cases. It was an increase of 10 per cent for the same time last year.

NHS asks, since the Christmas and  New Year period will be ahead to try and avoid to go to the A&E to lessen the waiting time and their workload. They advised to contact their GP or NHS emergency phone line 111 for advice or pharmacies.

Today the working people are paying a very high National Insurance contribution and only a small number need hospital treatment and it is therefore hard to understand that the NHS is in a financial crisis.

It would be interesting to know where those billions of pounds from  National Insurance Contributions really go to.

It is also hard to accept that the Government axed over 5,000 nurses and then employed agency staff to replace it. Everyone knows that agency staff cost three times as much as permanent staff plus adding the millions of pounds of redundancy money makes it look like a lunatic plan.

Or was there a method of the madness to feather some friend’s agency and at the same time to increase the NHS financial crisis? Looking at it like that it makes more sense for the Government but a great loss for the general public.

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