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Update 16 Jan., 2017 --
PM May speech of "Equal Society" became a joke when she denied there is such a great NHS crisis even after the Red Cross had to get involved to help out.

Stop pulling wool over our eyes telling the NHS is in deficit because of the ageing population or the health tourists or any other excuses.

It is in deficit since the Tory Government continuously pulling big sums of money out of the NHS. David Cameron had been doing it for years for various flagship which never resulted into any improvement but bound not to have put the money back again.

In 2012 Tory/LibDem Coalition had axed 5,000 nurses and doctors.  He hired private consultants, his friends,  to deal with it and paid them over £5million. It had a huge impact on the service. Then they had the bright idea to plug the hole with agency staff which costs three times as much. Somebody in the background must have made a huge amount of money at the cost of the NHS.

Furthermore, they sold  over 200 contracts which had a further massive impact on the NHS.

Now again Richard Branson, one of the blue-eyed boys of the Tories, bought another 200 contracts. Richard Branson has a legendary name for his badly and costly run train service but he was given another 200 NHS contracts. It is doubtful that he and the other contractors will give the same quality service as the NHS staff. Contractors are after most profit and therefore run it on a minimum staff, low qualifications and therefore lower paid. It is an open secret.

Another fine example what swindles are going on to bring the NHS to it breaking point is the salaries of chief executives. There are over 50 chief executives who earn over £500,000 per year plus benefits. Are the top surgeons earning that much? These people studied for years and highly qualified not like some jumped-up chief executive. The did not even give the nurses a 1 per cent pay rise.

A recent scandal was leaked that Katherine Percy, Chief Executive, was sacked and given a £190,000 golden handshake despite of her walking into another job as a special advisory in the NHS earning a £240,000 plus benefit package. How many other cases like that which the public did not hear about, but bound to bring the NHS into a financial crisis?

These are the real reasons which are bringing the NHS down.

David Cameron promised, in his last General Election campaign, to fund the NHS with £8billion a year. If he kept his word the NHS would not be in a financial crisis but as usual David Cameron never keeps his word. He also sold the NHS for £780million. Has the money gone into the NHS? I personally doubt it and so do many others.

Tories are determined to break the NHS and it is a miracle it has not happened yet with the pressure put on it. It is only due to the dedicated staff that it survived so far.

As the recently released paper showed Margaret Thatcher already planned to demolish the NHS and the Welfare state purely for the reason because it was established by Labour. Apparently, the Cabinet, who were all her most faithful, went into revolt. She shelved it but never forgot it. She must have left it for Cameron as her last will and legacy.

It also shows how the morals and principals in the Tory’s Cabinet have deteriorated. Today, none of the bats an eyelid seeing the NHS constantly and insistently being broken up, bit by bit, to achieve the final death of the NHS.

The real reason behind is to feather the nest of private insurers which then feather the nest of shareholders, guess who.

The result is that ordinary people will struggle to pay the high fees, and it will be when they got the monopoly, like in America and most go without it living in constant fear of illness and death.

Today, working people paying high amounts of National Insurance fees and the question remains where does the money go?  There is the NHS in deficit and the pension pot is empty. It is apparent, from the few samples mentioned above, that the money is squandered to serve the purpose to break up the NHS and the Welfare State.

It is so obvious because in the last budget the NHS and Welfare was never mentioned.

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