Saturday, 7 January 2017


Surprising President Obama did this in his last few days. It is nothing but an increased threat to peace. Even though Russia moved their military near their borders after NATO moved but the USA added now to it. USA keeps provoking Russia constantly.

USA landed 87 tanks and 144 military vehicles in Bremer Haven, Germany on Friday.

3,500 US troops are being deployed by NATO on the eastern front.

If that is not aggression, what is?  Despite of it all Russia will still be labelled as the aggressor. For months US was aggravating the situation while pointing at the Russians all the time.


As Putin stated lately “If America wants war it can get it” after it received a message, details were not given, but it must have pushed the point to the limit.

US new move started a phase of US Operation Atlantic Resolve by moving an American armoured brigade combat team into Europe.  

Why has the USA to aggravate the situation more and even spearheading it especially in Europe. Russia has not moved more aggressively but only enforced its borders. Is America itching to light the fuse wire?

They kept aggravating Russia ever since Crimea voted to be annexed to Russia. US had no right to call it illegal and to sanction Russia, roping in the West.  US moved into the Ukraine, politically, to introduce “Democracy” by outvoting the President and creating ever since  a civil war and splitting the country.

To cause civil war and split the country is the method of the US whichever country they had invaded so far. All those countries are left in turmoil ever since.

The tanks, military vehicles and troops will first be moved into Poland and then spread across from Estonia to Bulgaria. The Headquarter will be in Germany. Germany should have stayed neutral after experiencing two World Wars.

NATO plans to increase its present in eastern Europe. Britain sending fighter jets to the Black Sea and a battalion of troops, tanks and light armour will  be deployed in Estonia in Spring.

They will be backed by French and Danish troops. German plans to send troops and tanks to Lithuania.

US and European Leaders were elected to fulfil the wishes of the voters but when it comes to it they do what they like. Russia would not roll over Europe unless pushed into by a confrontation. Therefore, the military built-up is not the wish of the general public which could lead to another war.  Europeans had more than their full share of it while Americans sat in comfort far from it.

Even so America had not experienced the horrors of war at home but they still would not agree to it if a vote was given to them. After all their sons were deployed and lost their lives while the leaders and the warlords behind them were living in luxury and far from the frontline.

Make no mistake that the leaders decide themselves. Apparently there are 20 warlords operating in the background and behind every leader is a warlord dictating to them.. Accordingly, to some glimpse behind the curtains, now and then, events like crisis, depressions and wars have been decided long before it happened. The reason is big cashing in on it.

What they do with all those trillions of money is every ones guess? Most properly producing even more sophisticated weapons to destroy the world and us.

BBC News

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