Sunday, 8 January 2017


This is an incredible but true statement that MPs have not enough work. There was never so many problems and the Tory Government’s constant cuts would surely amount to a huge workload yet the MPs complained they have not enough to do. The workload at their constituency is a  different matter.

They are at Parliament only 152 days a year as it is. Yet they got a 10 per cent pay rise. All the expenses are paid by the hard-up taxpayers and it costs £4million for catering. Two or Three years ago it was suggest that the House of Lords' catering should join the House of Commons' catering but the Lords refused with the reason the champagne is not as good as in their catering. Talking about spitting the hard-up, starving and homeless people in the face.   

During the Cameron’s coalition, they had already ‘light work’ but now under PM May they have even less to do. David Cameron was known for domination and centralisation around him and his Cabinet.

Accordingly, the report in the Daily Express the Theresa May administration is so busy with Brexit that there is very little else done.  Apparently, all Parliamentary Bills are help back. At the same times they point out that there is plenty of constituency work still on.

Their ‘lazy days’ might be soon over when the Supreme Court decides the legal challenge to the PM May’s power to formally start Brexit. It has already been planned an all-night sitting to rush Brexit through the House of Common and Lords.

It will be the most historical sitting and debates of centuries.

However, it is feared it could also amount to a lot of mischief-making by MPs who have very little else to do or some who are too powerful.

Downing Street aides stated “The Prime Minister does have radical policy ideas that will mean substantial measures coming before Parliament”.

PM May plans are to build a country that works for everyone and will require ambitious reforms to promise greater social mobility and break down class barriers.  Haven’t we heard these words before but hopefully it will come true this time.

The Parliament will re-open with a major speech about social reforms on Monday, 9 January, 2017. However, her team is nervous about the narrow Tory majority in the Commons. Now there is an admission! The team fears they would make it impossible to pass controversial measures through.

In view of the total financial crisis in the NHS and Labour Leader Jeremy Corby demanding from Mrs May definite plans which stops the break-up of the NHS it does not look to be a dull, boring Parliament sitting.

Surely, to put the NHS back on its feet again and not just batch it up for a couple of months would give the MPs enough work to get their teeth in. Then there are the starving and homeless people.

This country is so run-down by Cameron and the Tories that it is hard to understand the MPs mourn about not having enough work even if he Cabinet shuts down but if they receive bulks of letters eventually they will and must react.


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