Friday, 13 January 2017


What happened to PM May promised "Equal Society"??????

The picture proves that the privatisation was planned a long time ago. It shows Jeremy Hunt's real face.
Even Thatcher was already hoping to do it, accordingly to the revelation of newly released documents, but for the uproar of her own Cabinet. Apparently, the Cabinet had still principles and consciences which vanished in the meantime.

After ex-PM David Cameron kept constantly selling contracts operating in the NHS, axing 5,000 nurses and replacing them with agency’s staff which nothing but filled the pockets of his friends which brought now the NHS to its breaking point.

The new PM May sold another 200 contracts to Richard Branson who already bought privatised train services and is known as one of  the worst trains operator. He will do now the same to the NHS because contractors are only after profit for themselves and their shareholders (guess who).

After a record high of waiting lists, ambulances stuck in a queue outside the A&E because there are no beds available and doctors to handle the patience, corridors full with patience on beds waiting, the PM May has the unbelievable nerve to state that there is no NHS crisis.

Even the Red Cross which is purely there for great disasters had to be brought in because of it and highlighted the situation even more.  Is she still thinking she can convince the public? The people who are in the forefront of the crisis and suffer most.  Or is she pretending to safeguard her privatisation of the NHS? This is more likely.

Where are the MPs who had been elected by the people to protect their rights? Are they all waiting for the privatisation for getting a part of the fat from insurances which will be high and unaffordable like America?
The MPs did not stop any other privatisation so far which double and trebled prices plus is still subsidised by the taxpayers. In other words they cashing in on payments from the taxpayers and their subsidies.
As David Cameron said: “We want a majority to finish the work we have started.” How the Tory got a majority after five years ruining the country is still a myth and questionable?
In my opinion it is high time the Tories are made to quit.

No way are people that easily blindfolded after bringing the whole public down to starvation and homelessness by Welfare cuts and austerity.  At the same time creating the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world.

So, the question remains still what happened at the General Election 2015? The whole nation was shocked that the Tories won again and therefore something was not right there.

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