Thursday, 6 October 2016


Update 5 May, 2017 --
The same happened in the March 2017 budget. Now they won in the Council Election. How come? After all they done to the people and now will do even more. No way people are that easily taken in by propaganda. There must a loophole where they fiddle.

The only fault the people are to blame is that only 33 per cent voted at a most crucial time where NHS, schools and the whole welfare are in danger to be demolished.

Update 23 Nov., 2016 --
Today - Tories Budget Day - was a typical example for betrayal of the people. Chancellor Philip Hammond reduced corporation tax, froze petrol tax, increase funding of infrastructure (HS2) but not a bit of it for a desperate NHS, Welfare and especially disabled people. He promised to build 40,000 affordable houses but we heard that in GE2015 and Spring 2016 House Building Industry collapsed and March 61,000 building jobs were lost. March were building industries always increased.

PM Theresa May and her cronies really excelled themselves when they kept on that Britain has to have a nuclear Trident. They convinced most of the MPs and even Jeremy Corbyn into a lukewarm agreement.

The vote was won for fitting Trident with nuclear warheads estimated cost of £41billion at the moment. History shows the estimated costs always doubles if not trebles at the end.

The most powerful point given was that so-and-so many thousands of workers losing their jobs. Even Scotland was all for it because it would be done in Scottish ports.

The ink was hardly dry on the voting papers when it was announced that it will be build with French steel.

No way Mrs May can convince the public that it was not planned before hand. These huge contracts do not flatter on her desk over night.

It was the worst betrayal to Britain and its people, so far.

Only days after that she had the thick nerve to state that she was all for the ordinary workers. The fact is that it could have saved over 1,000 steel workers job.

Part of the Trident renewal programme is a deal for the French to supply steel  to build the hulls of four Successor boats worth tens of thousands of millions.

It would have saved 1,000 jobs at Scunthorpe plant where three where three plate mills were closed.
It exposes the full double dealing of the Tories.

Nor did Mrs May this dirty deal but also with China allowing them to build the Hinkley Nuclear Plant with 80,000 tons of Chinese steel. She not only overrode the wishes of British people not wanting a nuclear plant but let the British Steel Industry to be closed.

These are two major projects with a deadly impact on British Steel within three months unelected reign. What will come next?

Yet she announced at the Conservative Conference that her party is all for the workers, people and NHS which is another doubtful point. Why does she not cancel all the bloodsuckers' contracts at the NHS? If she can sign those two major contracts with China and France within three months she also can cancel the contracts with the NHS immediately and safe NHS plus honour Cameron's promised of £8billion contribution.

There is £41billion for Trident available plus billions for bombing Syria, each mission costing £500million. £8billion for NHS would not even be missed. 

Another loss to the British Steel Industry is Mrs May allowed the MG Rovers to be moved to China. 
She is no different to Cameron. Both have no respect of British people, its tradition and no moral to sell long-standing institutions and manufactures.

Another contradiction to Mrs May hailing the Tories being a party for ordinary people at the Conservatives Conference is the promise that  Austerity will remain.

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