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Update 3 April, 2017 --
But PM May does go ahead with the inquiry. She started, unbelievable, in Australia first. This is nothing  but time saving for the accused Westminster's paedophiles. So far we only heard a guilty paedophile being guilty when he died. It is disgusting that they still cover-up. The victims must feel terrible about it; on top what they have been through already.   

UPDATE 11 Nov., 2016 --
A retired judge looked into three cases of 78 and found there is no evidence. On a whole he thinks Theresa May should not proceed and the Met Police done it all wrong. Will it, again, swept under the carpet?

inquiry was started two years ago when Theresa May was Home Office Secretary but was dragging her feet. So far it costs the taxpayers, of course, £20million and not one word of names or evidence yet.

The police found evidence of 78 VIPs being accused of sex with children. Surely the police were doing a very thorough job. Really there was no need for an
inquiry any way. What is the hold-up? Another cover-up? Celebrities and public were dealt with in no time and convicted in the court. Why not VIPs? Especially being a VIP should not have more  privilege to escape justice if guilty of child sex abuse.

The new chairwoman, a former social worker, Professor Alexis Jay is dealing so far with the three resignations.

Even experts are of the opinion that the
inquiry has already run out of time because a number of the accused have died and probably also victims. The former director of public prosecutions Lord MacDonald said: "It should be either constrained or closed."

Veteran barrister Michael
Manfield QC said: "This had been chaotic from the beginning, there should have been far more consultation not just about the terms of reference but about how it's going to be managed.
"I'm very willing to consider it. they need another lawyer at the top because there are legal decisions to be made and I'm afraid the present chair
isn't a lawyer."

Remember! When the victims asked to meet Mr May when she was a Home Office Secretary to state their case to add pressure for an
inquiry. Mrs May agreed to a meeting but then the victims waited at her office and after a considerable time were told that Mrs May had flown out to Brussels where there was no meeting.

So far we heard only one name mentioned Lord
Janner, Labour, and at that time it was vigorously denied any involvement with children. Soon Lord Janner died and then it was revealed he was accused of 29 cases.

No Tory has been announced being accused so far!

During Thatcher's time an official was ordered to look into the accusation of child sex abuse. In a very short time he closed the books announcing that half of the Thatcher Government was involved.

Only after Jimmy
Saville's death a tsunami broke loose of his huge number of sex abuse of children and in mortuaries. All of a sudden everybody knew about his years of vile abuse. At the same time they also knew that if they would speak out their job started to wobble until it would vanished.

Saville and Greville Janner were even knighted and demands came now to take the knighthood off but so far it was not done because both families object. It does not say much about principles of the families as well as the Government.

Since plum job of chairing the VIP sex abuse inquiry cost £185,000 a year plus a huge amount of expenses and nothing will come of it; they might just as well close it now.

It is estimated that it would cost the taxpayers at the end around £100million which is far too much for nothing.

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