Thursday, 29 September 2016


High time USA  stops playing the world power under the cover to bring democracy. They have not got it in the USA the way they tread the none-whites. USA destroyed enough countries and lives.

Update 15 June, 2017 --
Since Qatar refused a business deal with the USA they are now labelled as terrorists sympathiser and sanctioned. Has the USA found a new country to attack and destroy forever?

They won't turn on Saudi Arabia because they are too big and powerful and one of the biggest weaponry buyers but are the biggest terrorists sympathisers.

Update 27 Oct., 2016 --
USA destroyed three coastal radar sites in Yemen which makes them involved there. Saudi Arabia has been already bombarding the country for some time with weapon supplied by USA and UK.

Another country to be destroyed for no reason at all to the USA

Since the end of  WWII the USA never stopped attacking other countries.

First under the excuse to stop communism. They attack Vietnam, Korea, Laos, Cambodia and left them completely devastated and in ruins.

None of these countries were aggressive to the USA. Communist Russia under Stalin would not full back these countries knowing it would escalate into another World War. Therefore to call Russia, then and now, aggressive is wrong just to draw the attention from themselves.

Reminder, it was Russia which defused the built up when the chemical bomb was dropped and John Kerry pushing us into another full scale war with all his might. Russia is not perfect but not half as aggressive as always pointed at or the USA.

Yet they supported Pol-Pot, Papa Dog, Baby Dog and Khmer Rouge which were one of the worst killers in history.

Does that make sense?

Recently they attacked Afghanistan and overthrown the government because they were dictators. The same excuse was made to invade Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and now Syria.

They were all illegal wars and yet the UN, supposed to be a peace keeper, never raised an eye brow leave alone stopped it.

If these governments were dictators and kept killing their people what about George Bush and Tony Blair? They have killed in Iraq alone one million civilian. It is doubtful that even Saddam Hussein would have achieved that.

Israel almost wiped Palestinians off the map  but nobody, leave alone the USA, would call them dictators. USA would not invade Israel because it supplies the USA with weapons. Israel produces the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

Since USA and UN are trying to be so righteous why is George Bush and Tony Blair not prosecuted for the illegal war;  killing so many people in Afghanistan and Iraq and thousands of soldiers had to die needlessly?

Britain had a investigation on the Iraq war and Chilcot's report stated openly it was wrong and illegal and proved that Tony Blair sanctioned it. It cost 480 British soldiers lives and one million civilians in Iraq but up till now Tony Blair is allowed to carry with his Empire making billions of ponds. He was never pulled into court in The Hague.

Where is the USA righteousness there and George Bush?

The USA started a war in Syria for the only reason given again that  President  Assad  is a dictator and kills his people. Yet the USA has again killed hundred times more people. Let the Taliban grow in Afghanistan and the IS in Iraq.

Does the USA ever look at its own record or is only interested in getting rid of the weaponry to produce more to keep the dollar flowing?

When IS got completely out of hand and the threat was there to overrun the West loud scream for help started to be heard.

When there was a chemical bomb dropped in Syria and US State Secretary John Kerry never stopped to beat the drums for military intervention, blaming Syria's army. Mr Assad admitted they have chemical weapons but never used it

John Kerry also insisted that 1,500 people died but the "Doctors without Borders" which were there at the time insisted it was 200 or 300.

John Kerry is nothing but a warmonger yet when he was fighting in the Vietnam war he was dishonourable dismissed because he was  in contact with the Vietcong. A dishonourable dismissal from military in America is the worst thing, it means no employment or very low; yet look where John Kerry is.

John Kerry near convincing the West  and it came to a point that world peace was threatened facing a chemical WWIII. Literally in the last minute Russia intervened made  Mr Assad hand over his chemical weapons to the Russians to be destroyed.

The UN sent an envoy of top inspectors out but the report was never published therefore you can make your own conclusion. John Kerry vanished into the back ground.

In the meantime, the Kunduz hospital, run by "Doctors without Borders" with a  big red cross on the roof was bombed. At first the USA tried to justify it that 12 Taliban were hiding inside. Even so a hospital should never been bombed and eventually America admitted the mistake but gave a very lukewarm speech by one of the top brass.

Now, three hospitals were bombed in Syria and first big headlines but eventually it went out of the limelight and nobody asked any more question. 46 Syrian soldiers were killed by mistake!! No question being asked; answer given but eventually the Russians were blamed. 

At the moment is the scandalous bombing of an aid supply convoy heading toward Aleppo hitting three of the trucks. At first the USA was blamed but then it turned into Russia got the blame.

The moment the incident happen John Kerry was there again to point the finger at Russia. Russia never commented and so far it had not been officially established who was at fault.

Will we ever know or will it be kept secret again like the chemical attack?

One thing for sure if it was Russia it would have been all over the newspapers.

It is well known that USA and their Allies bombing and fighting the IS and supplying weaponry through the backdoor to them.

Since Russia got involved they pointing their fingers at them for bombing Aleppo, killing civilians, but nobody in the West or USA blame USA to have started another illegal war killing civilians since 2011.

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