Monday, 26 September 2016


MG production at
Longbridge, Birmingham, has a 110 years history. It was sold by the Blair government in 2005 to Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation despite order books were full but due to greedy, bad management.

The sale was announced at the same time as a 130 per cent UK sale  increased was revealed.

MG Rover was the Pride and Envy of the world but it did not mean anything to
Thatcherite Tony Blair and his friends.

The feeble reason now was
Brexit which caused  the dropping of the Pound therefore China did not see any sense in investing further in Longbridge. It is only one side of the coin  but since China plans to expand into Europe the other side is shipping costs which cancels the savings.

A huge amount has to be spend on moving the production to China, train thousands of workers and will take years to balance the books again.

It is yet another major job loss to thousands of specialised workers. The Government keeps randing on about the Northern Powerhouse and at the same time lets the Steel works go to the wall and now MP Rover move to China. What kind of Government is this?

The  move will also have an impact on the Steel Industry. Well done Mrs May putting another few nails into the coffin.

At the same time as PM Theresa May lets a 110 years old production of a world  famous car go to China; she lets China built a nuclear power station in the UK. What kind of exchange is this?

"Made in Britain" has still a ring of guarantee; while consumer, like it or not, still has a suspicion about "Made in China".  It also could mean the decline of the famous make MG and Rover.

A fine example the famous Waterford Crystal "Made in Ireland" moved their production to China and the demand diminished with "Made in China" is no  more.

MG was first produced in
Oxfordshire 92 years ago.

Longbridge car production started in 1906. MG moved there in 1956. At its height during 1950 and 1970 it employed 25,000 people. Over 200,000 cars are produced a year and it is the biggest car production in the UK   Austin Morris started production in 1948.

All this does not mean a thing to the Tory Government like the Coal Mines, Ship Industry, Royal Mail, Steel Industry,
NHS and MG Rover. It also does not care about the hundreds of thousands job losses which also has an impact on whole communities being ripped apart.

It is getting even more senseless to build now this super high speed train HS2 costing eventually over £100billion to Manchester and Birmingham where all the major industries had been ripped out.

Ministers were asking whether British Steel would be used to build the HS2 but were never given a promise which means it will not be. They were told that costs have to be kept down; in other words Chinese steel will be used.   

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