Thursday, 14 July 2016


Update 2 Jan., 2018 - May agreed, officially, to a payment of £39bn but also to a further two years till 2021 which means two years more membership fee of £19bn each plus other contributions such as bail-out of poorer countries etc. without any guarantee to be final.

Update 19 Dec., 2016 -- Brussels demands £50bn for Britain to exit the EU. PM May refused. Let's hope she does and not quietly pays.

Is it because Britain voted for Brexit and now a number of other counties are also wanting to get out of the EU that Brussels is finding new charges?

Everyone knows the plans of a United States of Europe will collapse sooner than later and only because of the greed and countless restrictive rules from Brussels. It is very surprising that it lasted so long.

Now the latest scheme is to charge E10,000 to re-settle an EU refugee There are 14,000 migrants  at the moment. Britain will be charge E18,5million or £15,6million. marvellous, just like that.
A further 160,000 from Italy and Greece by 2017 = E1.6billion = £1.3billion altogether. Britain's contribution will be E208million =£175million.

It is due to the free movement within Europe like the USA but the difference is that the USA has a very strict and even stricter now border control all round, due to the migrants crisis. Brussels failed to establish that and therefore created a migrant crisis, last year of over one million.

Brussels ignores the fact that every country can only take so many migrants. Therefore countries are already overran and closed their borders like Hungary, Austria, Denmark and even Germany now.
Switzerland which has only a Single Market agreement but Brussels included a free movement has now closed their borders.

Switzerland  had been threatened with withdrawal of the Single Market agreement but Swiss Government does not seem to bow down.

If Britain negotiates now for a Single Market trade it will also face the enclosure of free movement which was one of the main reasons people wanted to get out of the EU.

In my opinion why not cut all ties with Brussels. It is doubtful that the big companies will stop trading with Britain because it would also be a great loss to them.

Doesn't it look like the draconian rules of Brussels are coming unstuck.

As always if Brussels find a opening it will cash in with both hands. It is doubtful that Brussels will pass on any of those monies to the migrants to re-settle them. Knowing Brussels all they will give them a train ticket to whichever country and let that country deal to finance their housing etc.

Britain had officially 250,000  migrants last year due to the mismanagement of Cameron. It is estimated that altogether there are over one million of illegal migrants in this country.

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