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Update - According to a report Rupert Murdoch plays golf with Donald Trump. Is there a high place where Rupert Murdoch is not?

Update 15 May, 2017 --
To be sure Murdoch is already deeply involve in GE2017 making sure Mme May is winning despite of all the hurt and hardship she is piling onto the poor. No effort to retrieve the taxes from tax haven; have a go there if you dare but you would hurt your friends.

It bring so much money back the NHS schools and Social Services deficit paid for. It would even wipe out the £1.7trillion deficit.  

Update 1 Oct., 2016 --
PM Theresa May had a 'private' meeting with Rupert Murdoch when she was in NY, USA. Murdoch still running this country. Was he briefing her for the Conservative Conference tomorrow?

UPDATE 15 July, 2016 --
It was revealed that Liam Fox had lunch with Rupert Murdoch two weeks before his appointment in the Tories Cabinet.

Rupert Murdoch certainly looks as if he is trying to run the UK and the World. He was most instrumental in the run up to the Iraq war.

Headline like "Weapon of Mass Destruction" were screaming from the front page of The Sun, Murdoch's paper. As a matter of fact Iraq was disarming and very badly equipped. They all must have known it and told nothing but lies, causing nothing but death and destruction. Yet they all get away with it.

The taxpayers had to pay £20million as compensation and not Blair who was the instigator. The UK people did not want war with Iraq.

Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, owned by Murdoch, said at the Levenson inquiry for phone-hacking: "I'm not sure that the Blair government or Tony Blair - would have been able to take the British people to war if it had not been for the implacable support provided by Murdoch's papers. There's no doubt they came from Murdoch himself."

TV channel FOX News, owned by Murdoch, increased its rating to 5,6million prime time with news about Iraq invasion.

Chilcot did not mention those people but their influence was enormous.

Tony Blair's contacts with Washington before Iraq invasion was not approved by everyone.
Rumsfeld did not care whether the British took part or not and Blair was worried that the US would start without Britain. On the evening before Murdoch phoned Tony Blair. The Chilcot report stated that Downing Street has no record on that and it is assume that Blair did not go through the switch board.

Tony Blair's spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, stated that Murdoch "was pressing on timings, saying New International would support us etc. Both Blair and I felt it was promoted by Washington and another example of their over crude diplomacy."

Murdoch has a long standing relationship with US Representatives. 14 years ago he influence public opinion in the US and UK for the invasion of Iraq, mentioning cheap oil. He is now backing Donald Trump. In my opinion another disaster.

Rebekah Wade (now Brooks) was involved in the company in The Sun urging "a swift ad successful war that would prove to the world what a deadly menace Saddam has been for year will cement Blair's place in history."
When Charles Kennedy, Liberal leader, opposing the
war The Sun showed him on the front page with a snake in the background with the caption "Spot the difference. One is a spineless reptile. The other is a poisonous snake."

Robin Cook, resigned before the invasion and Clare Short and both were   savaged by his papers.
Brooks resigned when the phone scandal broke in 2011 but was
acquitted in 2014. She was re-appointed as CEO in 2015.

Robert Thompson, Australia former editor of The Times supposed to be closer than any other man to Murdoch. He heavily supported the Iraq invasion in 2002 and 2003. In the
Chilcot report it was revealed that a message was sent to Jack Straw Private Office in March 2003 stating "the process of preparing media and public opinion for possible action on Iraq is under way."

Thompson left and moved to US where he was editor-in-chief of Down Jones and The Wall Street Journal ( both owned by Murdoch). In 2013 he became chief executive of News Corporation - Murdoch main company covering all the others.

Gove was in 2003 assistant editor at the The Times and so  enthusiastically about an invasion in Iraq it made Tony Blair a peace keeper. In December 2002 Gove wrote: "He condemned the unhappy section of British Left whose antipathy to Western policy makes them Saddam's useful idiots." and asked "Why is that so many of those political creed should be driven by desire to emancipate those who are suffering choose to object to a course of action which would deliver millions from misery?"

He made a name for himself in
Brexit and then stabbed Boris Johnson in the back before Friday morning when the outcome was announced Brexit had won. Deciding he would stand as candidate for Prime Minister.

Veteran MP
Ken Clark was caught on camera saying about Michael Gove: "With Michael as Prime Minister we'd go to war with at least 3 countries at once."

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