Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Update 18 Oct., 2019 - It is now 2019 and they still do not report Jeremy Corbyn's great success of achieving over 500,000 members, purely because of his honesty, modesty, principles and caring for the people only, not billionaires. The worst about Corbyn is that he cant be bought.

Update 17 Dec., 2017 - they even went to such an extent not to report Jeremy Corbyn has won the International Peace Price which he deserved.

Every dictator starts with controlling the press in order to control the country!!!

It shows and proves how controlled the Press is. It had been reported that most of the major newspapers, if not all, are owned by six billionaires. Cameron put through a gagging law which is the first step against democracy.

Update 23 Oct., 2017 --
Even now when Mr Corbyn brought Labour right back what the Labour Party stands for, the speeches are still not printed even so they have far more contents and honesty in it.

A fine example, the Labour Conference in Brighton was attended by 1200 people and reporters but from the six top newspapers. The only  mentioning it had that Laura Kuenssberg, BBC political reporter and staunch Conservative, had a bodyguard which she didn't have to have.

UPDATE 23 Nov., 2016 --
Mr Corbyn's speech was far more valuable than PM May but, again, it was hard to find his speech in the press. As one said the audience was more captivated by watching the moth flying around Mrs May. Was the moth Thatcher?

UPDATE 13 July, 2016
It shows how controlled the press is. Hopefully Mrs May will reverse it. but it is doubtful.

The journalist Mr Flintoff tried to publish the event of JC4PM tour but no big newspaper accepted it, claiming it is no news to the public. Yet when he wrote a blog he received 34 000 hits.

There is plainly a manipulation on the press to show that Jeremy Corbyn is deserted and a lonely figure, including his friends. Far from it the public if more and more behind Mr Corbyn and Labour. 60 000 have signed up with Labour in the last week.

The public is aware that the press has been put under the Tories and Mr Cameron's control which is totally against democracy and the British constitution. The British press had always had a great reputation across the world but as so many other constitutions it does not mean anything to Mr Cameron but either to sell it, contraction out or silencing it.

Thank goodness for the Internet and its freedom we still read about events which are otherwise under control of David Cameron and forbidden. Would he achieve to get control of the Internet too? Surely it must be a thorn in his sides.

The JC4PM tour starts on Saturday at O2 and tickets are available for £10. Many big names of music, comedy and showbiz signed up to perform. They might even jeopardising their career but still agreed. The control is that bad. Some of the big names refused.

This tour has not been organized by Labour or Jeremy Corbyn but the people.

Even after David Cameron steps down and if Theresa May or some others win, it will not change. Only a new General Election and with Labour in power the scene would change. David Cameron knew it from the moment Mr Corbyn was elected that he would be a great danger only because Mr Corbyn has principles, respect and manners.

Mr Corbyn has to be admired for standing there at every PMQ and to be insulted and ridiculed without hitting back severely which he surely knows how. At the last PMQ David Cameron even had the audacity to tell him to go.

Does not Mr Cameron realise how pathetic he shows himself up with his pantomimes and feels so glorified when his lot sheers and laughs? He looks like a 4 year old in the playground, not a politician, leave alone a Prime Minister. It is incredible.

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