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WE CAN NEVER TRUST THEM Update 8 November, 2019

Update 8 Nov., 2019 - Theresa May had to resign and the new PM Boris Johnson who was not voted by the people but by his own Party, since July 2019 and is even worse. By now everybody calls him a Liar, even EU's President Junker. 

He drove towards a no-deal- Brexit which Labour Party refused to vote for but demanded an extension; Johnson had no choice, ordered by the Law, to apply for very, very, very reluctanly. Then Johnson  demanded a GE and Labour agreed. On 12 December, 2019 UK will vote.

Hopefully the people vote Labour and a majority to get rid of Tories which devastated this country and people. 130,000 people died because of it.

Update: 11 Jan., 2017 -- NHS is in its worst crisis. Even the Red Cross was called for help but PM May denies it all just like Cameron denied the starvation exists when even church leaders sent protest letters. 



UPDATE: 19 July, 2016 --  Although Mr Cameron resigned and Mr Osborne got the sack it is doubtful they stop influencing the Government.

Already Mr Osborne made a speech of signing the Trident update with nuclear weapons because the economy is in improving. Well it did not under his six years in office as a Chancellor - the deficit ended highest for 37 years and the debt increased by £600billion to £1.6trillion.

The Trident project is estimated to £37bn but will surely end up as £100bn or more. H2S was est £35bn but is now £100bn and not even the tracks are laid.

Money available for all that but the public staving and homelessness the highest since record began in 1948.

Mr Cameron previously announced that he will stay even if the UK votes Brexit. The moment the vote was announced he resigned despite the big speech about Winston Churchill never gave up. He also said to one of his aides that he will not do the s*** in Brussels. It all shows Mr Cameron attitude. At least he resigned and is gone but will it make any difference with Theresa May as PM?

Gove, now a candidate for the Prime Minister, stated several times that he will not stand to be PM. The news came through that he shot Boris Johnson in the back on Thursday night and couped half of Mr Johnson's supporters. They fell from 94 to 47.

He even went so far that he announced Boris Johnson was not able to lead the Party and the country. During the campaign for
Brexit Mr Johnson showed and spoke far more sense and truth. David Cameron and George Osborne done nothing but scaremongering no matter what false statement they gave.

David Cameron resigned and is leaving on Wednesday. Theresa May the next Prime Minister. At the end she was the only candidate. All the other candidate resigned one by one?

Now Mrs May, Home Secretary, decided to stand to be Prime Minister. Mrs May has a string of failures in her present position. The contracted out Border Agency cost the country for years a high sum, never disclosed, but were constantly in the headlines for scandals. Mrs May eventually cancelled the contract and brought the control of the borders back under her authority called Border Force. As far it is known the security has not improved one bit.

Then there were the endless scandals of deportations. Not for years but decades hate preachers were able spread their messages to encourage young men. It cost the country £17million on benefits for them, court cases and support to their families who lived in big, expensive houses. Eventually when she managed for the court to agree a date of deportation she messed it up by forgetting such a vital date. The court
procedures had to be started all over again.

The prison services contracted out to
Serco and G4S were scandals about prisoners escaped and tagging for probation by G4S showed false records of people still in prison, dead or living abroad but G4S received other contracts still. The scandal of G4S announcing 10 days before the Olympics 2012 that they had no adequate security at a time when it was on high terrorists alert.

Now Mr Osborne cancelled his achieving a Surplus by 2020. At the same time he announced that the austerity will still continue and cuts will have to be made to reduce the highest deficit for 67 years which he made since 2010. 

He also stated that he will borrow more. In other words it  differs from his original plan of first announcing a Budget of £12billion Welfare cuts and more recently a £30billion to reduce the deficit and debts which the Tories created since 2010.

No Budget to reduce the out-of-hand
MPs expenses. Constant 10 per cent salaries increase every year. More deployment of troops in Iraq and bombing in Syria which was totally against the wishes of the people. £500million additional payment to Brussels towards £4.2billion to Turkey to control migrants plus constant bail-out of lesser economical EU countries.

 It is only the tip of the list of endless wasted taxpayers' money while people are starving in this country and rely on over 1,000 food banks. The homelessness has risen to an all high since records began in 1948.

They should get their house in Westminster in order first before they yet cut again public spending. Mr Osborne would have the biggest surprise how much he would be able to safe. Not to speak about the tax
avoiders which are his friends. He led Google off to pay an additional £150million to pay some of their tax avoiding which would still not be the full sum.

No we can not trust their promises any more or threats to keep the public in order. The gloom and doom they spread before the EU referendum shows right the opposite. The
FTSE which showed minus almost every day since GE2015 shows now a plus ever since Tories won.

After 9 years of Tory Government, cutting Welfare, councils, this country is on its knees. 130,000 died because of starvation hypertharmia; millions relying on foodbanks; 100,000s sleeping on the street and dying there; NHS is breaking point; schools underfunded; despite of the cut-backs and 'savings' the Nat. Debt increased by £1trillion!

Hopefully, it can be changed by Labour winning a majority! Jeremy Corbyn and Labour is all for the people and not like Tories for the fatcats. It will be a tough fight be the fatcats dont like to lose fat income; dont mind people die on the street or at home because of the cuts.

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