Saturday, 18 June 2016


It is a very sad day when MP Jo Cox died because she believed in democracy and was also fighting for migrants. RIP. It is very sad if a 41 year old lady gets gunned down and stabbed several times. What has this society come to?

This event raises a string of question about the safety of politicians. At the House of Parliament they are safe without a doubt because of security checks and armed police.

One fact weighs heavily against democracy at the present. If you have democracy you got to have a strict and just Justice. At the moment it does not exists. Drug dealers, burglars, rapists and paedophiles get mostly a warning after umpteenth convictions and if they get a prison sentence it will be halved to a few months. Murderers get life but life means 15, 20 or 25 years and on good behaviour will be reduced.

If they can claim a mental health problem, some do have and some claim they did not know what they were doing in that moment, they go into a mental secure hospital like most probably this murderer will. But his action of building a gun does not show he did not know what he was doing. Therefore the Justice needs a real wake-up and the Government to stop closing down prisons especially with a situation we have at moment. People seem to kill for the least reason.

The danger lurks when they are in their own constituencies. A survey revealed that 43 MPs out of 239 were victims of actual or attempted attacks.

This is an unacceptable situation when a MP cannot voice their opinion and fight for other people without being attack by somebody who does not agree with it.

The question is how to protect them? In short it is impossible. MPs are constantly exposed at the street or when they keep surgeries. They have to meet the public constantly.

The only idea which the Common authorities could come up with to have an aide with them when they have the surgery meeting. A Panic button which connects them direct to the Police and MI5 would also give them some protection.

All in all it has come to a terrible state in having a democracy and not being able to protect its politicians totally. Due to a number of movements the freedom which the previous generation knew is going to disappear slowly but definitely. It is exactly what these various groups want to strike fear and rule by fear.

Finally, the conclusion is that British democracy means MPs will not be safe anymore. Even democracy itself becoming doubtful the ways the Government is overruling all the time and Brussels is ruling more and more the UK.

Source Evening Standard

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