Friday, 17 June 2016


Update 26 Jan., 2017 --
Israel announced that they will build 500 settlement on the West Bank. It means that the rest of the Palestinians will be moved, in other word wiped out.

If you look at the map there is hardly anything left of Palestine any more. Israel played havoc ever since they were given the land.

The UN never objected to anything Israel done to the Palestinian people. Why?

They shot and kill Palestinians and nobody objects. They bombed Gaza for 50 days and nobody stood up to them and stopped them. USA completely supports Israel no matter what;  because they need a safe place in the Middle East with a ready arsenal.

They go, at night, into houses of Palestinians and arrest very young boys. What happen to them nobody seems to know.

The NAZIS did not do any different.

Call this article anti-Semitism or Nazi apologizer but this is the final straw by Israel to turn off the water in the Israeli occupied West Bank.

My generation had the experiences and know what it means to run to the standpipe for every drop of water. Especially in the West Bank where there are high temperatures it is as inexcusable as the Holocaust.

The headlines should be all full of this cruelty inflicted by Israel but not one papers said even one small line of contempt.

Ever since Israelis received their "promised Land" they never stopped warring with their neighbours and managed to increase the "promised Land" tenfold. Already on signing over 750,000 Palestinian people were made to leave.

After that Palestine kept shrinking and Israel expanding. The USA Israel's main backer never said a word and told them to stop. Why? Is it because USA, which also loves to start a war wherever they can or decide, needed a stockpile of weaponry in the Middle East.

It is also condemnable the barricade of Gaza's harbour for decades yet USA and the West do not condemn it or stop Israel. Who gives them the right and what is the UN doing suppose to keep peace, freedom and justice?

When Israel claimed that three soldiers were murdered they started to bomb Gaza for 50 days. Not one word in the press against the atrocity and 2,000 people died and many more injured some life long. When eventual UN started to stop it Israel went into the West Bank found the three soldiers' grave and shot three Palestinians without proof or court procedures.

Apparently people in Gaza still live in ruins despite people in the UK collected thousands of pounds to help. Is that right and what happened to the money? It is obvious the people did not  get it.
It has also been reported that Israel still drops bombs on Gaza. Again not a word in the press or any contempt.

After the truce was signed on Gaza Israel went to the West Bank and enclosed 800 ha land pulled down villages and drove the people off. Not a word in the press or from the USA, West or the UN. Israeli soldiers in the West Bank go at night into homes and arrest children, mainly boys for interrogation. It is not  know for how long or what happened to those children.

When Israelis got their "promised Land" they should have been the happiest people on earth and live in peace with the Palestinians and their neighbours. They experienced the Holocaust and therefore know how it feels when a powerful dictatorship steps down on you. So why doing the same thing?

Apparently from the maps in 1948 to todays it shows the destruction to the Palestinian people and their land. How many have died either immediately or slowly because of harsh condition is hard to find out? By judging of the maps it must be hundreds of thousands if not millions.

And now they introduced cutting off the water in a hot place like the West Bank many will die of heat stroke and heart attacks.  Where is the USA, UN, West, all Jewish people round the World and Human Rights supporting not desperate people like Palestinians?

It is obvious Israel will not give up till they drove every Palestinian person from the land. Final Solution no difference, Again the world looks on and does nothing.

Why was Hitler not stopped earlier? He was in power since 1933 and the Allies only declared war when he invaded countries. They did not stop him when he was killing the Jews and the top leaders all knew it.

Ford manufacturer even supported Hitler financially. It is not making an excuse for the Nazis' Holocaust but the fact is unless somebody supported them financially in a very big way they could not have risen to this powerful position. Germany had high inflation at that time.  

So who was behind Hitler and the real cause of all the destruction? They knew Hitler was in a mental home, declared incurable, and did not stop the persecution of Jews. They are the guilty ones but they are too powerful to be prosecuted and in a safe background.

The same organisations are behind Israel and USA which causing again nothing but death and destruction. 

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