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What else did they do the public does not know about it?

Cameron's lie TRANSPARENCY and his partner in crime Osborne none the better!!!!!

That and a great number of other secretly kept deals proves Tories are anything but transparent in their dealings.

The National Audit office revealed that the Tory Government secretly tripled payments to Concentric even being fully aware it failing.

HM Revenue agreed to it. The increased payment to Concentrix were authorised during ex-PM David Cameron and ex-Chancellor George Osborne.

This shocking report revealed Whitehall tax chiefs paid £32.5million of public money to a failing tax credits firm which wrongly stripped thousands of families of vital benefits. Did they talk about it when Cameron and Osborne giving their great speeches in the USA and Davos for £100,000 each payment?

The National Audit Office refunded almost £7million to families incorrectly had their payment stopped and it was overturned the decision from Concentrix on appeal.

But it was only one-third. It should have been all the families since the Tory Government has the money to pay a failing contractor – it has the money to pay the people.

It has not been the first time or the only one contractor which has received hundreds of thousands of pound from hard-up taxpayers.

There are Serco and G4S which received £700million for shoddy work and Serco was even up for fraud entering false data in NHS. Atos, French firm, told fatal ill people they can work and stopped their benefits. There were so far known 2,500 cases of suicide because of it. Atos walked out leaving behind a 700,000 backlog and to be sure received a Golden Handshake. So far most of David Cameron’s friends which received huge contracts had never given the full service but received the full money if not over.

Further unbelievable details emerged. Concentrix call centre received 62,000 during August 2016 alone from frantic families but they only answered five per cent within five minutes which evidently shows a very limited staff. It also means that these desperate people either hang on for a long time or kept re-dial which added further cost to their phone bills during their desperate time.

Although the Government was fully aware of it but as usually did nothing for months.

HMRC finally took the initiative and cancelled the contract late last year and have a guess they surely received a Golden Handshake.

HMRC brought the service back in-house.

HMRC has since paid out nearly £87,000 in compensation to the worst affected families.

This is all very well but it is still taxpayer’s money. It should have been David Cameron and George Osborne held responsible and have been made to pay it. They would not even have missed it. They should have been brought into court for mishandling Public money and trust in high office.

When do the MPs and public stand up to these characters? They nothing but ruined the country and the life of the people.

Surely they are not above the Law or are they?

The same case refers to Philip Green. Although MPs had voted on losing his knighthood but so far there seems to be no sign of it. Plus his returning the pension pot of BHS staff.
For heaven's sake it is money for their retirement when they cannot work any more and rely on that money.
These fatcats seem to have the right to make off with pensions pots from  miners, steel workers and BHS. The MPs should create a riot to pressure the fatcats to return the money.

Where are the MPs principles?

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