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It shows and proves the extent May can go to - to cover-up a failed nuclear Trident missile test which could cause wide spread devastation is totally wrong. Vote should be taken again.

Update 23 Jan., 2017 --
It emerged now that PM May knew about the failed Trident missile test before the vote in Parliament. 

So much for her honesty and clarity and openness. She is no better than Cameron and the rest of them. Did you know that 90 per cent of the £200billion cost goes to America?  

The vote should be taken again.  MPs were misled.

Tories are masters of cover-ups.

The question remains was the failure due to the Trident submarine firing or the missile?  AND NO MORE COVER-UP

A report was leaked the 10 Downing Street supposedly cover-up the disastrous first British Trident nuclear weapon deterrent test. 
Sunday Times reported the Trident II DS missiles experiment ended in a failure. It was launched from British submarine HMS Vengence off the coast of Florida in June, 2016.  A few weeks before the crucial vote in the House of Commons. All the reason to cover it up. 
The target of the test was 5,600 miles off the west coast of Africa but went opposite towards America. It is also claimed that Vengence underwent extra tests and after 16 years when it fired it last missile it had returned to active service despite the failed test.

The accident of a misfired missile is exactly what the public fear and it can happen again despite all the precaution of security.

It all occurred after when Theresa May became Prime Minister. Of course, she never mentioned the test failure in her speech to persuade the House of Commons and during the five hours debate on 18 July, 2016.

MPs voted in favour of Trident Nuclear Weapons by 472 to 117. It was almost all Conservative Party and more than half of Labour Party. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was campaigning against it.

Scottish National Party, LibDem and Labour leader Jeremy Corby were against it.

MPs are up in arms because they realised they had been fooled. They demand an inquiry and a statement from Defence Secretary Michael Fallon on Monday. 21 January, 2017. By rights it should be stopped and a new vote given because previously it was under false pretends.

Th whistle-blower said: “There was a major panic at the highest level of government and military after the first test of our nuclear deterrent in four years ended in disastrous failure.

“Ultimately Downing Street decided to cover-up the failed test. If the information were made public, they knew how damaging it would be to the credibility of our nuclear deterrent. The upcoming Trident vote made it all the more sensitive.”

Ministry of Defence spokesperson told SKY News: “The capability and effectiveness of the Trident missile, should we ever need to employ it, is unquestionable.

“In June the Royal Navy contested a routine unarmed Trident missile test launched from HMS Vengence as part an operation which is designed to certify the submarine and its crew.

“Vengence and her crew were successfully tested and certified. Allowing Vengence to return into service. We have absolute confidence in our independent nuclear deterrent.”

As the saying goes “At least somebody has”

How dare the Tories put out a statement like that with a pack of lies about the failed test which means thousands or millions of lives could be in danger. It shows and proves they have co calm about risking our lives as long they get what they want.

As we all know there are more advantages to it than meets the eye.

Sunday Trident reports further that Trident missiles had been test-fired only five times by UK’s submarines this century because each cost £17millions. Let’s hope this is the truth it also means in a span of only 16 years which means approx. every three years they waste £17millions besides the estimated £40billions on nuclear missiles. None of the public wants and it can never be used because it would only create total devastation for hundreds years to come.

Tests in 2000, 2005, 2009 and 2012 had been made public.

The missiles are produced by US manufacturer Lockhead Martin and the cost of estimated £40billion, which usually doubles and trebles, goes to America, UK’s supposedly friends.

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