Friday, 27 January 2017


She used the phrase "Equal Society" again in her speech in Parliament about details of Brexit on 9 Oct., 2017

PM May reassurance on 27 Jan., 2017of an Equal Society shows more and more evidence that it is another lie. They are more likely a "Rigged Society" and there is us.

Disability Benefit gets cut from £102 to £73 a week in April does not look like an Equal Society; NHS and School in cash crisis while she gives £100million to Turkey, £100billion for Trident and rising to £200bn, not even using British Steel to save their jobs, estimated £40billion for HS2 and it will  be nearer the £100billion, a white elephant, etc, etc, etc, 

PM May in all her luxury and all paid by taxpayers who, despite of working, finding it hard to make ends meet. 
The NHS and now schools are having financial deficits for far too many months and PM May being in power to eliminate it almost immediately did not only ignore it but recently denied it.

But PM May thrown all her power behind Trident nuclear project even to the extent of withholding evidence of a test failure just weeks before MPs’ vote.
She also rushed off to China to finalise the contract for China to build two Nuclear Power Station. which nobody wants, in the UK with Chinese Steel while British Steel is another victim of the Tory’s Governments.
Evidently there is no difference between David Cameron, George Osborne and Theresa May.
New News report revealed that the Treasury Dept has taken back the promised £384million fund for schools in England at the worst time when Head Teachers protesting about the financial crisis.
The fund was announced last year with a plan to change all school into academics but when it was opposed the Treasure took back the most needed cash.
Heat Teachers are outraged since schools are facing the same financial crisis as NHS but the Dept of Education stated: “The return of funds was appropriate if the project did not go ahead.” But the point against this statement is that the funds are there and since schools are already in a cash crisis why not let them have it. Is it not more likely the point?
Head Teachers are now so under pressure that they face to make a decision to either reduce teaching staff or have a four days a week schooling. 
The NHS and schools desperate situation arises in a country which is the sixth richest in the world and there are billions of pounds available for HS2 luxury train, Trident Nuclear project and bombing Syria.
Schools are earmarked for another privatisation.
The £500millon school funding was announced last year by ex-Chancellor Georg Osborne with a link to compulsory government academy policy. The plan was cancelled after a rebellion by Conservative backbenchers.
Dept of Education said the remaining £100million was spent on other education project.
Educational Secretary Justine Greening faces increasing pressure over gaps in school funding.
School leaders are at their limit and see no other way but to reduce either staff or school hours.
Of course, Dept of Education Secretary Justine Greening would insist that schools receive a record level of funding and revealed further that a new funding formula with be distributed more fairly.  You pet you last penny that it will never be issued or it will mean further cut-backs.
Justine Greening , another ‘yes’ MP is already known for doing nothing when she was under pressure by public to cut the Foreign Aid budget because people were starving in the UK. Therefore, there is not a lot of hope to improve the schools’ budgets.
However, the fact remains that even in the very well off West Sussex region; Head Teachers writing endless letters pointing out their budget shortage.

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