Saturday, 28 January 2017


Update 4 Sept., 2017 -- Labour announced that they will employ an army of people to bring the Tax Dodgers to pay their taxes and that what is should be. Every international corporation does not pay any taxes for businesses done in the UK.  

It surely does not make sense - UK has nearly £2trillion debt, NHS, schools and welfare are breaking down and yet the Tory Government let the fatcats take tenths of trillions of pounds out of the country. There is and must be a way to at least reduce it, even with all their friendship to the fatcats. 

PM May Equal Society!!! 

According to the Law Tax avoidance is legal which was conveniently introduced but Tax evasion is not. It does not make any difference for money being swindled out of the country and loss of taxes which should be paid.

Tax dodging seems to have spiralled out of control even so it never was under control really. It is the Elite who reigns despite ex-PM David Cameron umpteenth, and now Theresa May, promises to cut it down. Their threatening speeches to cut tax dodgers down is just to blindfold the people and trying  to make them look good 
He surely knew that it was impossible since most of the tax haven were in the British Isles.  Furthermore, most of the tax dodgers were his and Tory Party’s friend and donors.

Recently even the new PM Theresa May gave a speech in which she promised to bring down the tax dodgers. It is the same situation for her as for David Cameron; tax haven in the British Isles and tax dodgers Tory Party’s friend. So why give big promises and speeches knowing very well she will do anything?

These days the public, through Internet, are very well informed and aware of the whole set-up.

Recently it was revealed that the Tax Dodgers has now risen to an unbelievable £70billion a year and is handled by 320 staff of the Treasury. It is like a flea trying to bring down an elephant. Whom is the Tory Government kidding?

A few years ago, when we were given a glimpse of Tax Dodger’s money stacked away in Tax Haven was £35trillion. It could have doubled by now since the fatcats multiplied.

At the same time, benefit fraud estimated at a £1.2billion are chased by 3,765 Department of Work and Pensions staff.

The Tax Justice Network estimated the gap has increased to £120billion but the staff at HM Revenue and Customs have decreased by 40 per cent during the last 10 years which means during the Tory Government. Hypocrites!!!


Make no mistake, there will be no difference between Cameron and PM May Government otherwise she would have done so during the last few months.

What a difference it would make, if only £10billion of the schemed off taxes were retrieved and spend on NHS and now the schools are in financial crisis.

Those fatcats would not even misses and it would be a miracle to NHS, Disability Benefits and schools.

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