Sunday, 5 February 2017


PM May Equal Society!!!!

Update 5 Oct., 2017 - Again May promised to cap energy's prices and it is a joke after all the prices increased. What was she and her big cabinet doing since June, 2016????

There were two price rises since of 10 per cent  (SSE even 15 per cent) now because her chair starts seriously to wobble she tries to save herself with another promise, most probably empty, of a cap which is too late to be effective.

May promised, in GE2017, to cap energy prices but  now there is no sign of it.

Update 28 June, 2017 --
SSE announced a 15 per cent tariff increase. Again Government are conveniently overlooking it and do nothing but cut the Welfare by £12bn.

Update 8 Feb., 2017 --
British Gas announced a 9 per cent price rise. Profit already increased by 31 per cent within last 12 months to £574million but PM May will not do anything to stop them or the other energy providers.

The above picture should never happened in the UK being the sixth richest country and in the 21st Century.  There are three million poverty-stricken families have to live like that.

What must the mother or parents feel having to bring up their children like that?

Now, an announcement was made that NPower will increase the prices by nearly 10 per cent which also means that the rest of the big energy suppliers will not stay behind.

NPower made a profit of £67million in the first half of 2016, It seems that it is not enough for shareholders’ and Npower’s greed. It is the price for privatisation introduced by Margaret Thatcher and still going on.

This is now the fourth time of a 10 percent increase every winter and the Tory government just stands by and does nothing. After all they are all their friends and donors and Theresa May trumped about, at the beginning of the year, she will create an “Equal Society”.

Well, there is now a moment where she could prove she meant what she was saying but she won’t.

For the last five years, people are nothing but struggling because of the introduction of austerity. Then came on top of it the constant increase of 10 per cent energy prices every winter. People now have to choose between buying food or heating their homes but the Government does not seem to be concerned and turns a blind eye to it.

The first time, when the 10 per cent increase was announced, people besieged David Cameron to stop it because they just cannot pay the bills, especially the old age pensioners and disabled people. David Cameron did nothing because they were all shareholders and would not get as much as they got.

There are families who lose their homes because they cannot pay the bills anymore; at least 2,500 known cases committed suicide; 40,000 people died of hyperthermia; three million people live in poverty; over 1,000 food bank have been created all due to the Tory Government.

In April, 2017 the new benefit cuts will come into force. Where disabled people will be cut from £102 to £73 while the Elite lives in all the luxury there is.

The Government pays £100million to Turkey; £100billion for Trident;  so far estimated £40billion for HS2; £4million for Parliament’s catering alone and billions and millions of many other projects.

PM May does not want to know what it will do to already starving, homeless people?

Yet she is talking about creating an “Equal Society”; soon after the energy prices increase by 10 per cent the Welfare cuts come into force. It will have a terrible effect on already desperate people.

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