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Update 12 Feb., 2018 -- DWP sending out letter telling Pension Credit included into State Pension and at the same time showing the State pension less by £20 - in other words Pension Credit has gone. It is Universal Credit start on the quiet in April, 2018. Plus ruining/selling off our NHS people paid for all their lives and those fatcats creaming off. 

Update 7 Nov., 2017 --
This is a most shameful record when people die of starvation and/or cold. Especially during the last two years when benefit payments were withheld because the claimant missed appointment due to no fault of their own or was signed off to work even they were terminal ill.

Updated 22 April, 2017 --
All these plans have been shelved (not cancelled make no mistake) since PM May announced a surprised election for 8 June, 2017. If they win they will be back with twice the vengeance being full of glory.

PM May's Equal Society!!!!!

Higher taxes and deeper cuts has been planned since the austerity will last well into 2020s. This was forecast by experts of the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Hopes that austerity and the governmental squeeze would soon end were dashed. Surprise, surprise, the reason is that the Chancellor may (will) not be able to reduce the highest deficit since 67 years.

At least, since the high deficit is being blamed and lately the Brexit it will not be Labour this time who is the whipping boy. The Tories always blame somebody or something else.

The fact is, that PM May and her new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, are none the better than David Cameron and George Osborne.  There is always millions and billions of pounds available with their projects and they spend it like water, never mind the high deficit.

£100billion for Trident

£40billion for HS2 and it will be twice as much at the end

Each bombing mission of Syria costs £500,000

£100million given to Turkey for them to build fighter planes

Serco and G4S earned £700million and both contractors are

not up to the standard.

Concentrix, another contractor dealing with tax avoidance, was crushing out and David Cameron tribled their fees and let them carry on until even the HMRC put a stop to it. It is now brought back into HMRC. What a waste of money.

These are just a few recently emerging scandals.

Regarding the high increase of taxes would that also balance out the reduction of the Corporation tax?

In my opinion, and I sure many people would agree, austerity is not working because the more the Government is reducing the income of people the less they will spend. It already shows, supermarket reducing staff and reducing their outlets. As for smaller shops, they had been closed a long time and it shows in the High Street with rows of boarded-up shops. It also tells on manufacturing which have reduced orders and lay off staff which increases unemployment.
The government announcement of unemployment reduction is unbelievable and the data shows that they create figures of various groups to make-belief unemployment is dropping.

In April there will be George Osborne’s famous £12billion Welfare cuts come into effect and disabled people will lose £30 per week down to £73. It is an awful lot of money when you are already down and rely on Food Banks.

Of course, Mr Osborne would not have the slightest idea what it means. He burned a £50 note in front of a homeless man which tells it all what character he is.

Now it looks like the Tory Government uses its full power to destroy the NHS and Welfare which are already on its knees. Just to privatise it and increase the private insurance’s pockets, including the shareholders. I will be the same situation as in America that people cannot afford the insurance fees and will not be treated.

All the other privatisation and contractors proved that they are only after the profit and give the worst service but the Tory Government will carry on until everything is in ruins as long their pockets are filled.

They know that the Labour Party would kick them out but forestalled it. They causing all the disarray by having quite a number Labour MPs under their influence. It seems that more and more Labour MPs dropping their mask and show their real face.

Why don’t they move to the Tories and help them to destroy the UK and its people. At least they would be honest and not such hypocrites.

It is also said the UKIP are nothing but Tories therefore it goes for them as well.

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