Tuesday, 14 February 2017

£90BN DIVIDENDS FROM UK RAILS update 15 August, 2017

Update 15 August, 2017 --
Rail fares will be increased by 3.6 per cent - the highest increase since 2011despite  already £90bn dividends. ???

What is it about the Tories who fill Elites and Foreign companies’ pockets with billions of pounds while trample the poor and disabled to death?

This newly revealed scandal of Foreign owners earning £90billions dividends from UK rail is the latest but not the only one. Viewing this fact, it is no wonder why the 'Elite' prefers privatisation. They never get enough!

The consumers already pushed to the limit of facing high railway tickets have now another 10 per cent increase which brings the prices to the highest in Europe.  It had been going on for decades while the Government keeps cutting and cutting benefits; letting NHS and schools go to hell just to line them up for another privatisation.

How the Tories won in the GT2015 is a good question? After all they done to the general public and disabled. It is hard to believe that the majority who struggle to survive and being promised another £12billion Welfare cut plus £18billion council’s cut; the public would vote them in again.

The Italian State rail operator Trenitalia were given the franchise to the c2c train yesterday. Standard Investigation revealed together with German, French and Dutch states they are pocketing a massive £90billion a year dividend while commuters find it hard to cope with the highest prices in Europe.

Govia, owner of the nightmarish service of Southern Rail, as well as London Midlands and Southeastern received £65million from the UK rail operators and almost £23million from that went to the French investor Keolis which majority owned by state rail firm SNCF.

Abello, owned by Holland’s state railway operator pocketed £36million from Anglia  and Scotland franchises between 2014-15.

Germany stated-owned Arriva which owns the London Overground, Chiltern and Cross Country lines received nearly £31million for the same period.

Fenchurch Street c2c service to Essex sold by Britain’s National Express to Trenitalia last month at £72million.

State Investors from Hong Kong have stakes in Crossrail.

Qatar partly owns Heathrow Express shows also interest in UK rail.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald is fuming about the “bizarre structure of our system that means the only nation state on the planet that can’t be involved in running British railways is our own.”

According to the train union Aslef, when the East Coast was in public hands it returned £1billion to the Treasury plus the prices were not half as high as todays.

What is it about the Tories constantly franchising and contracting out services? It must make some sense in their books but not in ours.

Railways are not the only service, there are hundreds of contractors in the NHS, prisons, Ambulance, fire service and none of them give a full and satisfactory service. The fact is that contractors are only after profit and cut staff to the minimum, plus their wages.

By now the railways are in a shocking state, NHS and schools are in biggest financial crises and in April there will be another £12billion Welfare cut and £18billion council cut. Energy suppliers increase their tariffs by 10 per cent an no objection or stopping from PM May.

Up to 2012 there were 2,500 suicides of disabled people and the latest figure had not been published.  40,000 people died of hyperthermia in winter 2015/6.

In the last seven years there were scandals constantly hitting newspapers’ headlines but the government just turns a blind eye to it and even denies it.

So, where is the sense of the government to franchise or contracting it all out, receiving a shoddy service for high prices and letting the money go to other countries while it is desperately needed here?

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