Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Londoner Nasir Khan did not pay £14million VAT which was due on the £250million business scam where he was part of it. The court was told that is was money which should have been paid for hospitals or schools but was transferred into pockets of dishonest people.

To have lost £14million which was due to hospitals or schools has another great impact on today’s NHS or schools’ financial crisis. After all NHS has been brought down with various ‘unsuccessful’ schemes and hundreds of contractors who only care to get top profits out of it.

Mr Khan was jailed in 2011 for eight years and supposed to have paid back £14million in VAT.

Mr Khan lived a life of an international playboy. He bought luxurious properties in Chelsea, Putney, Gibraltar, Spain, a yacht, Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Bentley.

Tax officials were determined to confiscate and retrieve most of the taxpayers’ money and the deal was agreed at High Court and a second at Southwark crown court, London. But both hearings were not published on the court case list with dates which meant they were private hearings and press or public were unable to hear the justification from the Crown Prosecution Service to let him off.

Apparently, he was too poor to repay a single penny. A not only ridiculous but ludicrous statement. How dare they give this to the public. £14million could have saved the NHS.

This sort of situation happened too often and always, surprise, surprise, at the expense of taxpayer’s cost.

There is also the missing pensions fund of the steel workers of £500million which is never mentioned again. It was taken, allegedly, by Tata, an Indian company which bought Steel Works from the Government when they were privatised.

Mr Philip Green not only let BHS stores go bankrupt with the loss of over 1000 jobs but also took the pensions fund of over £500million. He too has a string of luxurious properties, cars and 3 or 4 yachts which could have been confiscated to retrieve the money. MPs voted on to take off his knighthood but so far nothing happened. Only lately, under pressure, he agreed to pay back £370million. Not only, we have to hope, it will be done but why not the full amount. He has no right to. It is the people’s money.

These are only three examples where taxpayers’ money vanished

There is an almost endless string of mismanagement by the exPM Cameron and present PM May’s Government which brings the NHS, schools and Social Service to a standstill like in Thatcher’s time.

The impact of the new cuts of Councils, housing benefits, child entitlement and especially on Disability Benefits from £102 to £73 per week from 1st April, 2017 has still to be seen. Already there are headlines where people in the North and Midlands pointing out that they are left with 50p Housing Benefit for their rents. 

It is a disgrace to PM May yet, at the same time, she granted MPs a rise of £1,000 per year. MPs who get all expenses paid and even add extras. It means an additional £650,000 per year extra to people who are millionaires already and therefore have no hardship. Some have flats given, as grace and favour, and letting them out to each other which enables them to claim for rent. No cuts there.  

For years there is an outcry in the press, even letters from top clergymen to Cameron, the Labour Party and the general public about starvation, food banks and sleeping in the street with no result of reversals.

Now, on top of all the hardship, PM May still let the cuts from ex-Chancellor George Osborne, go ahead. This is sheer cruelty, callousness and cold bloodedness in a country which is the 6th richest. It has the most numbers millionaires and billionaires in the world who move tens of trillions of unpaid taxes into tax haven and the Tory Government never does anything about it.

Especially in areas like the North and Midlands where most of the heavy industry were closed-down by the Tories is hardship at its worst.

National data shows that two families lose their home every hour, three million families living in poverty, 40,000 people died of hypothermia because energy prices increased 10 per cent every last three winters and becoming unaffordable, 2,300 disabled people committed suicide or died of starvation.

If that does not shake you then nothing will. Apparent it did not PM May because she has now added all the new Welfare cuts to it.

It also has a message to people who still vote Tories! Whatever party you follow it is your decision but you cannot call it right and be for them, when the party keeps added unnecessary cuts time and again, resulting in death while squander millions on their friends.

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