Tuesday, 11 April 2017

USA DEMANDS ARREST ASSAD update 19 Oct., 2017

and now the USA wants to ride the UK into another war with North Korea - not only a war but a nuclear war and May is willing to do so!!!!!! So far NK only threatened USA and not UK. Why get involved? It was of USA backing during Afghanistan and Iraq the UK experiencing terrorism. Why not demand to arrest Bush? His and Blair's illegal actions cost at least one million lives. Now again USA enter Syria illegal costing untold number of lives and driven people from their homes. when does USA stop playing the world power???? 

Apparently, they have not learned from their two illegal invasion Afghanistan and Iraq and lies of WMD

Shocking evidence of USA's aggression but constantly pointing at Russia and other countries.

Why does Rex Tillerson not demand and persuade the USA Government to end the war in Syria. If they pull out the rest would and Assad's army is capable to destroy IS and the rebels.

Of all the thick nerves in history the USA has the thickest.

They demand Russia to distance themselves from Syria’s President Assad. They call Mr Assad a war criminal and want him to be arrested and taken to the International court in The Hague to be tried.

This message was taken directly to Russia’ President Vladimir Putin by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Has the USA forgotten that their ex-President George Bush could also be a war criminal and should be tried at The Hague? He created two illegal wars at Afghanistan and Iraq where over one million people died.
USA started to bomb Syria with the excuse to wipe out the IS but not the 'moderate rebels' who are on the USA's side. Are they really on their side or they just after support and weapons which might be handed over to the IS? USA started a civil war six years ago and Russia only came in three years ago to support Mr Assad. So who is the aggressor? USA got their back up because Russia bombed rebels as well as IS.

We had the same situation before when a chemical bomb was dropped in Syria. Ex-US Secretary of State John Kerry never stopped shooting his mouth off that it was Assad’s army. He also kept insisting that 1,400 people died while Doctors Without Borders who were there stated it was around 500 people who died. Who could you believe more?

UN sent top experts there to investigate the evidence. The report was never published. Now the point is if it were Assad’s army the USA would have demanded for the report to be published.

PM May is none-the-wiser when she congratulated Donald Trump on his missiles mission of 59 Tomahawk being fired into Syria. One was reported to have been misfired and went into a village.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson cancelled a meeting with Russia Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov. It was very undiplomatic. Mr Lavrov saved the world from a war the last time. Mr Kerry was pushing so hard to start an offensive and everybody held its breath. Mr Lavrov suggested, in the last minute, for Mr Assad to hand over all his chemical weapons to Russia to be destroyed. Mr Assad agreed and the world was saved.

Mr Johnson also demanded further sanctions on Russian but was out-voted. These two incidents did nothing for the UK, PM May and Mr Johnson to look good or Donald Trump. They should have waited until the facts were established and then voice their opinion and demands.

A theory goes around that IS had chemical weapons of which nobody knew anything about it and in a bombing raid it hit the depot. It sounds plausible.

The problem is that USA is hell bend to get Mr Assad out at all cost. The chemical bomb was just a good reason for them to put oil into the fire again.  However, it would be wise if the USA would wait till the UN top inspectors are investigate the evidence and establish the facts.

Another point is that the USA labels anyone as a dictator right through the Middle East when USA decides to invade. So far, they stayed clear of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel. Apparently in USA’s opinion they are not dictators which makes you wonder.

Especially Israel which systematically kill, imprison people and very young children mostly young boys, in the middle of the night and confiscate the Palestinian’s land. USA and UK do not raise one objection no matter what they do to these people.

Yet, Israel should be the most peaceful country after what they went through with the Holocaust. Why are they doing the same to the Palestinians?

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