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Update 15 Oct., 2019 -
The unelected PM Johnson has not improved it either - Now - because a General Election is looming he promised to give more Funds to Schools, NHS, Welfare and everything else. Will he or is it just another false promise as we had all the time from CONservatives  

First the NHS was financially deprived and is now on virtually collapse all in aid of privatisation; now school funds are being squeezed to the point that parents having to pay for lessons, books, even for pencils and glue; in a fifth richest country in the world.

Update 14 June, 2017 --
A new report stated that Private schools save £522million in tax due to charitable status. It means 586 out of 1,038 private schools including Eton Collage and Dulwich College pay no or hardly any tax. It is again a giving it to the rich while people have to pay tax for every penny they earn. If the private schools would be charged with the full tax, which they can easily effort, PM May would not have to squeeze the schools. It is again for the few and not for the many!
Working Parents who have been struggling already for a decade and had to make choices between heating the home or buying food. It has become that bad in the 21st century UK which is the sixth richest country in the world with biggest list of millionaires and billionaires all created in the last 15 years.

As the saying goes “The devil looks after his own disciples” and it never was more true than at the Tory’s governments. How PM May could stand up and speak of her wanting to create an “Equal Society” makes your brain spin.

Soaring costs and cut funding forces schools to ask parents to choose and what subjects their children study.

There are already statements like this:

“My children were unable to do cooking as too expensive with their other choices.”

“We have not allowed them to do music at school as they need to provide their own instruments.”

“As part of PTFA, we raise over £10K a year; even that isn’t enough to cover the new curriculum requirements.”

“Reduced school budgets have increased class sizes. Reduced the range of trips, and have increased the amount we pay for materials.”

Daily Mirror already sent a warning before that many state schools are forced to ask for payment from parents such as donations of £20 a month or more.

Over 50 per cent claimed the school had requested financial contributions.

One in 20 told how the cost of equipment affected what subjects their child chose, potentially missing IT and technology courses.

 Chris Keates, NASUWT’s general secretary said: “The Government ‘s introduction of policies which allow schools to charge for provisions has resulted in substantial financial pressures being placed on parents and carers.

“It is unacceptable that the curriculum options for young people are being determined by whether their parents can pay for books equipment or field trips.

“Some of these practices may also be unlawful.”

Are the schools on their way of endless contractors which sucking more money out and are the schools, eventually, already earmarked for privatisation like the NHS?

Yet there were £150m available for setting up Grammar Schools which are known to be only for the better-of. How does PM May or Department of Education explain that?

Well Margaret Thatcher was already planning to cut the Welfare State but was stopped by her horrified Cabinet Ministers. This will not happen today with PM May “Yes” men and Margaret Thatcher will be hopping in her grave for joy that her evil, destructive will, will be done.

The only way to stop them is the public by Voting Labour in the Council Election because the more Labour MPs the more opposition and the Blairites and Thatcherites who are in Labour causing constant troubles should be for once courageous and move over to the Tories.

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