Tuesday, 20 June 2017


…and it is what you call “Equal Society”.

Chief executive Alistair Phillips-Davies received £2.9million in pay and perks in 2016. The salary was £840,000, as if that is not enough paid, £502,000 towards his pension and £1.5million in bonuses. How can a man be paid almost twice as much of his salary in bonuses? Apart from squeezing consumers to death what else did he do to deserve such a bonus?

He is not the only golden boy. At the head of every major company sits a chief executive being paid over the odds while people freeze to death. Have got any conscious at all? Are they human?

His payment increased from £1.7million the previous year and has increased his earnings since 2014 to £9million.

The massive increase came three months after the company increased their tariffs between 14.9 per cent and some areas 20 per cent.

Receiving such sky-high and undeservedly payments how does he feel that families are so hard up now they have to choose between heating the home or buying food? Doubtfully he does not think about it.

His big pay-packet came after the Tories and Labour pledged to cap souring energy prices during the election. Yes, another Tory’s pledge which was never kept although newspapers had big headlines and people begged Cameron to stop it. Nothing was done ever since even there was a new Prime Minister.

The main problem lies with the Tories’ privatisation. Of course, they are laughing all the bank because receive huge dividends and let the six  big energy suppliers carry on.

During the winter 2014/15, even so it was a mild winter, 40,000 people died of hypothermia, mostly old people.

Yes, this is a report about the golden boys and girls who should be ashamed to let something like that happened in a seventh richest country of the world.

PM May showed again her total disregard towards the people in the Grenfell Tower’s tragedy.

How much longer have people to endure unnecessary hardship before May and the Tories go?  How much longer?

Now, Theresa May let the £12billion Welfare cut start on 1 April, 2017 which is on top of desperately struggling people.  2,500 people committed already suicide because they could not cope anymore and today News spoke of a 42 years old disabled mother of nine children committed suicide because her benefits were stopped.

There will be more suicides now when the impact of £12billion Welfare savings come into force.

How the May and her Government can have so much disregards leaves any one speechless.

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