Sunday, 18 June 2017


Despite of these records May still denies NHS is in crisis
So far, it is so bad this winter that people die in ambulances, hospitals' corridors or waiting at home for ambulances but the winter has only just began. 80 people died in the last 3 weeks.

As if it is not enough that agencies are creaming off the NHS for supplying nursing staff and doctors now a private company receiving tens of millions a year to ease the bed blocking crisis.  It is no wonder the NHS is in a financial crisis and it is done purposely to speed up privatisation.

The reason is, again, the Government’s massive cuts to social care.

When patients are ready to leave the hospital, there is nowhere for them to go to. The hospital is in desperate need for free beds and therefore NHS has to send patients to private hospitals or private care homes.

The NHS Partners Network reports that beds are reserved in private hospitals for patients from an NHS hospital. It began as an emergency arrangement and then developed into a permanent arrangement.

So far, there is a 110 per cent rise since 2010, for patients needing a place in nursing homes. This put a bill of tens of millions a year on the NHS which could have been easily avoided if the Government would not have been cutting social services.

But of course, the Department of Health would have a counter argument: “We’re investing £2billion in social care to ensure those in old age get the dignified care they deserve.”

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: “Theresa May’s utter failure to get a grip on the ongoing crisis facing our health and care system.

“Shifting the burden on the private sector at extortionate cost is not in the long-term interest of NHS finance or patient welfare.”

No, but it is in the interest of the fatcats who are there waiting for the NHS to be privatised and the Government is determined to do.

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