Saturday, 17 June 2017


Harley Wall Ltd, a subsidiary of Rydon, done some of cladding on the tower block. They avoided £2.5million tax before it went bankrupt in August, 2016. In other words they cleared the cash box which made them bankrupt.

It has been well known for decades that Tories always penny pinching when it comes to spend on housing or NHS or schools. Not to mention the endless cuts.

However, as Jeremy Corbyn said: There is no saving without paying the price” which is very true.

The Tories allowed Rydon Construction to install the cheaper version of cladding instead an extra £2 per sqm which would be fireproof. If that is not a crime, what is? They should prosecuted but as usual the sentence would be handed down to the second or third person, never the real guilty one on the top.

Rydon is registered in Jersey and therefore a tax avoider.

Since 1988 Building Research Establishment reported concern about fire spreading.

Not only that but 1991 flames rapidly spread over the 11-storey Knowsley Height block in Liverpool and it was due to the thermal insulation added.

1999 a 13-storey block was on fire through the cladding in Irvine, Ayrshire.

In 2000 a report by MPs said: “We do not believe it should take a fire in which many are killed before all reasonable steps are taken towards minimising the risks.”

2009 fire broke out and spread rapidly at Lakanal House in Camberwell, South London and cost the lives of three women and three children.

Gladding was the reason in a 2010 fire which killed 58 people in Shanghai and 17 died in Melbourne Australia.  

If that doesn’t give you more than one warning, nothing will. Besides, it was reported that former housing minister Gavin Barwell, now promoted to Mrs May’s chief-of-staff, sat on reports of Lakanal House and a four-years-old report without taking any action.

So far, the death toll at Grenfell tower is 80 but it is assumed that it will be into hundred or more.

It has not been made quite clear and honest how many building had been cladded with it. The public is very angry and call for the resignation of Mrs May. They also demand a full account how many building there are covered with this dangerous material and to be removed immediately.  

So far, Mrs May does not show any inclination to resign and most probably hopes it will blow over as it is the usual Tory fashion, with that they usually won. Did they not realise that the attitude of the public changed? They are aware of their rights more than ever and are more demanding.

Mr Corby gave the public a lot of confidence in showing that with honesty, principles and respect can much be achieved. He also showed them that there can be a better future and the poor have a right to demand it.

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