Thursday, 15 June 2017


Update 8 Jan., 2018 -- KPMG pulled out of the Grenfell enquiry - one of the reason conflict of interest.

Update 30 Dec., 2017 -- Again, after May's pretence at St Paul's memorial service; the promise money to the families did not arrive before Christmas when it was needed most. How can she behave like that and especially on Christmas?

Update 19 Dec., 2017 -- HOW DARE MAY TO ATTEND THE MEMORIAL SERVICE IN ST PAUL AND SIT IN THE FIRST ROW OF SEATS AFTER THE WAY SHE TREADED THE PEOPLE AND STILL TREADS THEM!!! May never met the families after the fire. 80 per cent of the survivors live still in hotels

It shows and proves how characterless she is!!!

Update 14 Sept., 2017 - An inquiry into the tragedy has started but no witnesses had been allowed. What kind of inquiry is this when the witnesses are kept out of it? Another whitewash which is bitterly hurtful after what these people gone through. Have May and her gov no principles and respect any more to sink to such a level where they just cooked up their verdict.

Update 22 July, 2017 - Five Weeks and people are still in hotel accommodations living in one room with their family.

Apparently 68 flats are empty in Kensington  but Government will not give the permission. These people will be made to stay there until they agree to move out of Kensington is mostly probably the reason.

May does not dare to meet them and at a Committee meeting they were locked out. One official mouthed "Don't let them in". The treatment they receive is typical May and Tory and is diabolical.

From the first day the Government did nothing. It was the public and the charities provided clothing, drinks and food. As for the huge sum given by the people and a fund, eventually, by May; people received £10 each day then after protest they received £5,500 each family.

What happened to the rest of the money which should have equally shared out? Not siphoned off again as it is always the case when big sums are collected by the public but never reached the people.  

After all the horror they went through and some don’t know what happened to the rest of their family or friends, they are now made to sleep on thin covers on the floor.

If that isn’t added insult to injuries, what is?

The Government and especially Kensington, which is the richest borough, should have made sure the victims receive the best they can get.

It is another disgrace. How dare they treat people, who lost everything but their live, like that?

It had been days now since the night of horror and nothing had been done by the Government to improve their living condition. All there is, obviously, are bedding and clothes given by the people as best as they could. There should have been at least mattresses and nice thick duvets provided by the Government to give some comfort. Surely it could have been done within an hour.

‘PM May and her MPs’ should be made to sleep on the floor on a thin duvet to make them realise what they are doing to these unfortunate people. If they did they would end up in their private hospital to cure all their aches and pains.

PM May did not even talk to the people but just to the fire fighters and that, to be sure, in a very secluded and secured area as usual. “Strong and Stable” ???? During her election campaign and now, she is making a mockery of her own words.

Her glory-boy Boris Johnson told the Shadow Minister to get stuffed when too hard a question was put to him. Cameron criticised publicly Jeremy Corbyn for his clothing but never did it to Boris Johnson who could do with some improvement especially since he represents UK as a Foreign Secretary. Nothing to be proud off; for his manners as well as appearances.

He apologised afterwards but it is too late because the words will stick in people’s mind. He said it slipped out, which might be, but the thought and attitude was and is there.

PM May ordered an inquiry and Scotland Yard started it. However, Tories adding a further insult that they blame the residents. How could they????
How can anybody be so mean and ruthless???  

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