Wednesday, 31 May 2017

WHAT IS IT ABOUT TORIES update 16 Oct., 2017

Update 16 Oct., 2017 - Chancellor Philip Hammond hinted already that £490bn is missing which an outrages for Chancellor to 'lose' that kind of money. He also already hinted it will effect the Budget which will be read soon. In other words cut, cut, cut for the public. 

Every time they are in power they do the same thing of cutting everything back to the bone and feathering their own nest.

Yesterday in the TV programme of a seven parties debate Theresa May could afford not to attend in a vital General Election campaign. Her excuse was that she wanted to listen to people.

First, the Tories, including Theresa May, never listen to people otherwise they would not be in such a state. Secondly, it is Jeremy Corbyn touring the country for weeks listening to people and takes notice.

Amber Rudd who stood in for Theresa May stated so many white-washes that the studio was gleaming so much it hurts your eyes.

One, which stood out was that her party put in safety nets for people not to fall completely into the bottom of despair. Why did 2,500 disabled people commit suicide because they could not see any other way out? Why did 40,000, mainly old age pensioners, die of hyperthermia because Cameron did nothing to curb the constant, heavily increase of gas and electricity? They did not dare switch on heating sufficiently because they could not afford the bills any more.

On top of all the evidence PM May cut the Winter Fuel payments for pensioners and added another £12billion Welfare cuts which was budgeted by George Osborne last year.

As Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders rightly pointed out the Tories created, for three to five million, foodbanks, poverty, homelessness, disabled people left without financial support or hardly any, in other words where is the safety net?

The best fact is that despite of all cuts, austerity and so-called saving to reduce the deficit; the deficit risen to almost £2trillion from £1trillion during their reign and is the highest for 67 years.

There has obviously been greatest money shuffling going on since they took over but where to. One point we know of is that the Tories created the biggest Rich List in the World. Even the Sunday Time which is always on their side was shocked when they established this year’s Rich List as they do every year.

The other point, a great increase of Tax Avoidance has been supported by the Tories despite of their forever giving big speeches of planning a crack-down. The tax havens are mostly British Isles and it has been estimated that by now it reached £90trillion.

Retrieving just a third would bring down the massive deficit and NHS, schools and Welfare would not be in such financial state plus the fatcats have still enough left to sit on.

To summon-up just these few points which surely make more sense than the Tories constantly trying to blindfold themselves and us. It makes you ask again why do they carry on like that?

Today, people are far more informed and do not swallow all those white-washes and avoidance of answering questions but they still carry on doing the same thing.

The only explanation one can think of is that they couldn’t care less about the people, their opinion and the country and carry on regardless because it is financially highly lucrative.   

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