Friday, 12 May 2017


The reason of writing this blog was to point out another failure of Tories' contractors. After so many failures they still contracting out wasting public money but it bound to be for their gain somewhere. 

In March Veolia was handed the contract of rubbish collecting in Sutton to save £10million, it was thought. But all these contractors are only after to make big profit; Veolia seems to be no difference.

When will the Tory Government ever learn; or is there more to it what is not known to the public about still contracting out. After all there has now been too many occasions where contractors are failing and even committing fraud and at the end costing hundreds of millions of pounds which proves no savings at all.

Now in Sutton south-west London the rubbish had not be collected in some areas or from blogs of flats since March. By now it is piling high and the rats having a field day.

Council bosses shrugging their shoulders and blaming Veolia.

Veolia stated that these addresses are not on their list, in other words, it the Council’s fault.

People tried to contact the Council and even Veolia but they either get not reply or can’t get through by phone and the website did not reply.

The rubbish piles are getting out of hands and where they are piling up there is also fly-tipping added to it with even mattresses and fridges.

People and Mr Johnson are scared it will attract arsonists.

Community campaigner Richard Johnson, 46, said: “The rubbish hasn’t been touched since March – there’s been no collection of anything for weeks.”

A spokesman for Veolia said: “We are working hard with Sutton Council to complete transition to the new waste and recycling service as quickly as possible.”

Well, with all consideration of the transit, but the situation exists since March and it does not show Veolia is working hard. This situation should never come to such an extent that rubbish is piled high and according to Mr Johnson a reminder of the Winter of Discontent where rubbish was piled up high along streets in 1978.

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