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In the richest country the Tory Government has now people so screwed down, financially, that every day 90 children are being taken into care. It is a 90 per cent increase since 2008. The children's homes are short of £2bn funds which give an idea what these children are going through. In my view the Tories are nothing but blood-sucking Zombies. GET THEM OUT 

It's not propaganda - It's facts
Voters think when you choose Tories.  
It is not so long ago when children were lucky to survive past five years of age. Having to live in slums in Victorian times a high death rate in children was not uncommon. Victorian times, when Britain was the biggest Empire and Britain the richest country.

Since 2014 the child homelessness has in increased by 34 percent

However, most of the ordinary people lived in appalling living conditions where rats, mice, lice, cockroaches and bugs outnumbered the residents. It was not uncommon for eight or ten people (parents and children) living in one room, sleeping and cooking there.

Illnesses ravaged through the communities; many parents died before they were 40 and left the children orphans. There were poor houses established but they were more horror houses then sanctuaries, mortality was high.

Now in the 21st century and the UK is still sixth richest country in the world a report was published by Buttle UK revealed that 400,000 children in poverty have not their own bed. They sleep with their parents, brothers or sisters, on sofas or even on the floor. This is nothing but a disgrace for the Tories but since they ignore starvation, homelessness and disabled people of which some are of the 2,300 committed suicides because of it, they obviously are not concerned since they heaped another £12billion cuts on the very same people.

By the looks of it nothing has changed since the Victorian Times in the Tory’s mentality. The present Tory Government created the highest number of millionaires and billionaires in the world.

In the last seven years, the poor and deprived have hundredfold. First, Tories introduced Austerity and Welfare cuts and people were already struggling. Then came the increase in energy tariffs every winter by 10 per cent in the last four years. Disability Benefits were cut and if disabled people were not at the appointed time for an interview their benefit was cut completely, even if it was only five or ten minutes late.

Rising food prices were also announced plus further energy price increases. NHS had been cut to ribbons and is on its last leg. Schools Funds been cut and teachers thinking of either striking or cutting the schools’ hours to four-and-half-days a week.

In Winter 2015/16 a record of 40,000 people died of hypothermia, mostly pensioners because they didn’t dare put on the heater or high enough.

Treading to think of the impact, when it comes, from the further £12billion welfare cut. There will be more suicides because people just do not see any way out. More children will be living in poverty and homeless. Soon, most of the working people will be living more on Food Banks because their earnings will not be enough to pay the bills, buy clothing and buy food.

The result of the impact is too scary even to think about it.  

Daily Mirror

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