Monday, 1 May 2017


Since the taxpayers are and always have been footing the bills - it is public property and the Tories have no right to it. Therefore it could be converted into flats or small flat for the homeless. The Tories have no right to demolishing it and building the most luxurious flats mostly bought by rich foreigners who hardly live there.

How can a closed prison's bills cost £137,500?

Holloway prison was once the largest women prison in Europe. It was closed down last summer. The public had to foot a bill of £22,500 on gas; £66,000 on electricity; £23.500 on water and £25,500 on waste and other utility costs for the last six month. How can an empty prison run up these charges?

Ministry of Justice refused to publish the amount spent on security with the reason “be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of the MoJ and its suppliers”.

The main reason for the closure of Holloway prison is the Government wants to sell the site. It is estimated a £200million for the land thought to have 5,000 homes being build there.

Campaigns have already started for homes for the community and not another lot of luxury flats which are bought by oligarch and oversee rich buyers ro be left empty again or rented out for top rents.

The Centre fir Crime and Justice studies receive the figures via Freedom if Information. It wants a “people’s plan” for the jail and invited to give their views.

Rebecca Roberts, co-ordinator of Community Plan for Holloway, said: “Rather than selling to the highest bidder the ministry could put the local community first.”

The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies pointed out Islington has high poverty and housing problems.

Author Matt Ford said: “Out of 326 local authorities in England it is the 24th most deprived and has the fourth highest rate of child poverty in the UK. The redevelopment of the Holloway site could offer a fantastic opportunity.”

Comments from the MoJ are no decision has been made and heating, electricity and security was reduced to a level “necessary to maintain the fabric of the buildings and protect the sites from intruders.”

Surely not to that extent and if it does get demolished it does not need to be kept maintained. Again, the Government is dragging its feet. A decision should have been made months ago to save taxpayers’ money but taxpayers’ money does not matter to this Government.

It would be a different matter if it were Elite’s money.  

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