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Update 27 August, 2018 -- Its gone worse. May agreed to go ahead of building a British Satellite estimated cost of £9trillion but these estimates always double and treble. 

Update 19 Dec., 2017 -- New aircraft carrier for £3,1bn and it sprang a leak already - but no money for NHS, school, disabled and pensioners. 

But further cut £12bn Welfare and Universal Credit roll out before Christmas with waiting time of five weeks for first pay.

£39bn, officially, payment for Brexit

Update 23 Oct., 2017 -- BBC News announced that the cost of drinks in Parliament have trebled since 2014. It costs the taxpayers £1,8mill a year.

No austerity there !!!!

All in all it has gone even more one-sided. Everything gets done for the fatcats and the people get squeezed more and more.  

A few years ago one of the MPs let slip that a great number of MPs are so drunk by the afternoon that they do not know what they are voting for. Judging by the great amount it must have even increased in the meantime. 

Is that what they are there for???

Update 3 Oct., 2017 --
£15m and it will be most probably doubled - a museum to mark Margaret Thatcher's legacy - as if people have not got enough legacies of Thatcher. Her destroyed mines, ship buildings, shipyards, etc destroying whole communities and cities. She was not the greatest PM - she was the worst and people still suffer from it.

Thatcher's legacy was passed on to Cameron and now to May. No need for museum.
£149m on Theresa May's snap election

£1.5bn to DUP for a coalition with the Tories

£40m spent on Court case to fight blocking Tories benefit payment cuts

£21bn for private consultants to tell how to make £26bn NHS cuts which is the       biggest lunacy.

£130m spent by National Citizen Service for youth volunteering scheme. A full-time programme plus 30 hrs of community volunteering.

£2m on TV advert campaign to get thousands to sign up – the result was 140 for the Army.

£30m from Foreign Aid Budget was given on insurance premiums over the next four years for disasters.

£13bn and increasing for the Foreign Aid Budget annually.

5,000 sick and disabled benefit claimants sanctioned for six months – what do they think they live on?

800 disabled adapted cars get pulled off the road every month while PM May uses private jets

£4m a year for Westminster food and drinks – while ordinary people made to starve because of Welfare cuts

£100m NHS in England pays to recruitments agencies to recruit foreign GPs – fattening their rich friends’ agencies

£153m a year is the cost to sanction Benefits – does that make sense PM May and great Chancellor Philip Hammond?

£2bn a year paid to Atos and no Tax paid

£2.5bn a year tax money to rotten landlords renting out homes which don’t meet basic health and safety standards and in a unbelievable state.

Housing benefit paid to private landlord has doubled in 10 years from £3.7bn to £8.8bn and will increase to £9.4bn by 2021-22

£240bn is the cost of the austerity plan of Osborne

£11bn to top up low wages paid by UK companies and what happened to the money? Will it be passed on to the workers?

£400,000 a year for Westminster taxis to ferry red boxes containing the ministers’ paperwork – no passengers – only the red box

£36bn a year loss to the treasury due to Theresa May’s tax loopholes.

£500,000 for every bombing mission in Syria which has nothing to do with the UK. The first voting MPs refused and it was discovered that Cameron used the RAF on the quiet despite of. The second voting, Cameron cornered Corbyn to allow MPs a free vote. 66 Labour MPs voted for it and gave Cameron the majority to go ahead.

UK would not have the terrorists’ threat and attacks if it stayed out of it. Tories always back up USA, including Tony Blair pretending to be Labour but a Thatcherite. Harold Wilson, Labour exPM, was the only one said NO and it was the Vietnam war

To be sure it is only a fraction of taxpayers’ money used and wasted.


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