Saturday, 28 October 2017

SEX-PESTS IN WESTMINSTER update 2 Nov., 2017

Update 2 Nov., 2017 -- The ex chief whip who constantly knew about the Sex-Pests but did nothing, incl Cameron and May, has been promoted to MoD Secr. He has a nickname "babyface assassin" regarding MPs. What will he do in such a powerful position as MoD Secr. especially when the world is already threatened with war - nuclear war. Dread to think!!!

A scandal opened up about sex-pests in Westminster.

Female staff using secret Whats-App to warn others and newcomers.

Names include Cabinet minister, front benchers, peers, aides and other MPs from Tories and Labour.

According to The Sun names of the worst offenders are well known and many are old suspects “but recently were names of younger ones”.

Although it is The Sun which has the worst press reputation but at the same time for once it might have a point. Over the last decades there were too many scandals about a VIP ring in Westminster and therefore it is quite plausible.

The female staff also pointed out that it had been going on for years and they now protect each other.

It was also mentioned that So-and-so is hiring, but it can’t be a woman for him.

Apparently, it happens in lifts, grouping during drinks parties, and some MPs having sex with staff in Parliament offices. Remarks are thrown about “sugar t..s” and demands for affairs.

It all brings back the limelight onto a previous mentioned of a VIP sex-ring in Westminster and Historical Child Abuse scandals by politicians.

May as a Home Secretary and now as a PM and ex-PM Cameron have tried desperately to sweep it under the carpet by stretching out the process an investigation to put into Court.

The investigation for at least 10 years the Historical Child Abuse had been going on without any result. There were even denials of MPs had been involved and when they died, suddenly, it was discovered they were guilty of many cases. As if they didn’t know it before.

The worst cover-ups were MP Smith, Savile and MP Janner to name just a few. When they died, especially Jimmy Savile, everybody knew. They must have known a secret scandal to protect themselves and nobody dared toughing them.

At the same time, celebrities and the group of Rochdale has been brought into Court in no time.

It also brings to my mind, that a few years ago a young politician spilled the beans stating that he was told unless he/she obliges her/his career would be short.
A report of a paedophile ring in Westminster only a few years ago during ex-PM Cameron reign which also was squashed. 

There are too many reports for not being true.

What is the real reason for such a big cover-up?

What is the person, who has the power to lift the lid, setting off an explosion, afraid off? Are they too many involved and it would collapse like a house of card or life threatening or financial ruins?

Regarding the prevention of a court case of the Historical Child Abuse is anyone concerned about the victims whose life was destroyed and have to live with it? Apparently not.

While they stand back and ignore it young lives are still getting destroyed.


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